12 Days of Christmas Pet Travel Stocking Stuffers

What’s in your Pet’s Stocking for this Holiday Travel Season?

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Want a Pet Friendly Getaway or just getting ready for a trip to family and friends? Let the holiday season begin by treating your fur baby to something special too!

12. Be a Christmas Guardian Angel for your Pet Paws with a gift of protection

Natural Dog Company Powerhouse Bundle

Healthy Dog paws are smooth to the touch—no redness or deep cracks.

Call your Dog over now and feel the bottom of their paws.

Protection 365 days a year keeps your Angel safe from the heat of asphalt, snow, salt and chemicals on walkways.

Be their Guardian Angel this holiday with a gift of protection.

11. Your Pup will Glow like a Christmas Angel in a New Outfit from FitWarm

Fitwarm Embroidery Dog Dresses Pet Clothes Puppy Dress

Promising review
Syd, 8/4/21 from Fitwarm.com website says:

100% “Amazing Quality!
The cloth was velvety and very soft to touch. The stitching seemed solid and it just looked and felt like a great quality dress. Not to mention, this specific blue is gorgeous and matched our outfits really well. I love it and so did my dog!! Let’s just say she got even more attention than I did…”

10. Rudolph’s nose may be red, but your Pup will be toasty showing off their new sweater from FitWarm

Fitwarm Fuzzy Turtleneck Winter Outfit for Dogs

Soft fleece fabric keep your Pup warm and Stylish comfortable for those holiday walks

It’s cut higher in the belly for easy potty breaks, Pullover design makes it easy to put on and take off.

9. Moist Meal Pouches Perfect for Pet Travel

Portland Pet Food Company Human-Grade Wet Dog Food Pouch

Best for Travel Dogs on Planes. Moist food Pouches are considered “Dry food” by TSA and Airlines. They are easier to clean up after while on board the plane than canned and tastier than kibble.

Multipack Packets
–Gently cooked, ready-to-serve human-grade ingredients
–100% USA-Sourced and Made
— Ethically sourced ingredients, quarterly donations, and Earth-Friendly, BPA-free packaging.

Promising Review–“Rated 5 stars
Bowl Licked Clean
I have two French Bulldogs and the older one has become quite picky, refusing to eat his kibble. I bought the pork ‘n potato meal pouch to mix in their kibble and I’m so glad I did!… I love that you can see the veggies in the food. Also love that they now get excited at mealtime!”
PortlandPetFood.com website reviewer

8. Upgrade those Plastic Grocery Bags to Earth Friendly Poop Bags for those Holiday Walks

Promising Review
“To conclude, we think these are the best poop bags and the best dog poop bag holder out there.”

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bag Holder with Dog Poop Bags, Durable and Guaranteed Leakproof

— 8 rolls that each include 15 dog bags
–100% leak-proof guarantee
— A poop bag dispenser has 1 job—2 if you count looking good—this does both really well.

— Holds 15 Bags at a time–should be enough for that trip to family this holiday season!

7. Too many Holiday treats?—with a Slo Bowl, you can slow down your Pet’s eating a bit

Promising Review
“Definitely helping out my dog. Definitely helping out my dog to have this– stopped throwing up from eating too quickly and not chewing”

Review by carol h. on 11 Jun 20225.0 star rating, 06/11/22, Outwardhound.com website reviewer.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl, Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

— made with non-slip base and food safe materials
–Holiday meals and treats galore at Christmas time—with a Slo Bowl, you can slow down eating up to 10x

6. Keeping the Holiday Home Clean and Ready for Guests is Easy this Year

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs, Cats & Rabbits

Promising Product Testing Review from The Spruce Pets
“Removing the loose fur on the brush was quick and easy. We retracted the bristles, the hair wiped right off the brush without a problem—no finger pricks or bent bristles“

5. Pet Friendly Hotels are Made Safer & Merrier with a Black Light Urine Detector

See Also, 7 Affordable PET FRIENDLY Hotel Chains for 2022

The Vansky 51 LED Blacklight Pet Urine Detector for Dog/Cat Urine, Dry Stains & Bed Bugs Too!

–Ultra-compact design

The pocket-size UV flashlight can be carried along to detect stains in Hotels, Cars and car

–Great for Camping–illuminates minerals and scorpions or other creepy-crawlies

Promising Review from LA Times Bestcovery.com
“For a strong, reliable urine detector why not turn to the professionals. Clear Storm UV 49-51 LED Flashlight Urine detection flashlight is well loved and used by carpet cleaners confidently.”

4. What Good Boy or Girl Deserves a Bit of Bling to Show Off at Holiday Get Togethers?

Leash King Engraved Bling Jewelry

— crafted with surgical stainless steel with PVD gold plating

custom engraved in the California workshop

–large print, bold or italics—engraved with whatever you want!

3. EastBlue Reindeer Dog Squeaky Toy

EastBlue Reindeer Dog Squeaky Toy

Unique Limb Pulling Design: Our puppy stuffed animal toy features a unique design that allows the pulling of arms and limbs back and forth 

2. Thirsty Pups on Long Walks Need a New Water Bottle and Kibble Dispenser

MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle and Kibble Dispenser 

–Leak Proof Travel Water and Kibble Dispenser

–Travel, Outdoor Walking, Hiking

–Convenient 10” tall, 1 hand operation!

—My Cats, Sophie and Chihiro love this dispenser when in the car or those trips to the Veterinarian.

1. Portable Pet Play Pen for those Holiday Trips to Meet Family and Friends

DONORO Dog Playpen 29″ Portable Pet Play Pens

  • –Playpen Indoor/Outdoor with Carrying Case, ———Removable Zipper Top and Bottom
  • — water-resistant and easy set up
  • Promising Review
  • #2 Top Pick (but more affordable) from HomeChit.com
  • “Sets up in seconds and requires no assembly, folds flat when not in use”

“Never thought this moment would arrive but every single Pet Stocking Stuffer is finally wrapped”…

…this year I am giving gifts that make being a travel-loving pet parent even better!