Airlines that Allow Birds

A trip or relocation with your Pet can be amazing; even the animals love to travel and find new scents to explore.

Getting there can be difficult. A flight with your pet can sometimes be stressful and challenging. The best remedy for this challenge can only be choosing the right flight with the airlines that allow Birds on their flight.

Flying with Birds is possible if you choose the right airline.

Not all airlines allow birds on their flights, and those that do have some restrictions on how the bird should be treated.

I’ve put it all together in this easy to use chart so you can compare airlines and find one for you and your Birds.

The policies include the number of birds you can bring with you, the maximum weight, and the fee you will be required to pay. Compare Airlines Here to find the best for you and your Birds to Fly.

Airlines that Allow Birds on Planes

Max Carrier Size
Max Carrier Size
Delta Airlines
Pet Fee: $75-$200

Yes. 18”H x 11”W x 11”.L
Contact via Email or FB
for your exact route
Yes. Max Size of the Carrier Allowed
will depend on the type of aircraft.
Contact via FB or Email for Sizes
Alaska Air
Pet Fee: $100 each way.
Yes. 18”H x 11”W x 11”L.Yes. Max Size of the Carrier Allowed
will depend on the type of aircraft.
Contact via FB or Email for Sizes
Frontier Airlines
Pet Fee: $99 each way
Yes. 10”Hx16”Wx24”L
Japan Air
Pet Fee: $28 to $56
each way
No. Birds are not allowed
In Cabin
Yes. Max weight for crate and Bird(s) is 32kg
Max Size of the Carrier Allowed
will depend on the type of aircraft.
Contact via FB or Email for Sizes
Aegean Airlines
Pet Fee: Domestic, $45 and $100 International: $95 – $170

As of January 1, 2021
Birds are no longer allowed
As of January 1, 2021
Birds are no longer allowed
Aeroflot Airlines
Domestic: $60
International: $75
8kg Including Carrier
Vueling AirlinesYes
10kg max weight
8kg max weight on Iberia flight shares
Soft-sided Carriers Only
WestJet AirlinesYes
Checked Baggage: 40 in. L x 27 in. W x 30 in. H
45 kg (up to 100 lb.)
Iberia AirlinesYes
10″Hx14″Wx18″L & total of
the 3 dimensions cannot exceed 41.3″.
Alitalia AirlinesYes
9.5″Hx8″Wx16″L (rigid carrier) 11″Hx8″Wx16″L cm (soft carrier) Chart of Airlines that Allow Birds

1. Delta Airlines Bird Pet Policy

Delta allows1 Bird to be carried in cabin per person. The pet fee ranges from $75 to $200 USD, depending on the route.

The carrier size depends on the actual aircraft, we recommend a soft-sided carrier with maximum dimensions of 18” x 11” x 11” since this fits most Dela aircraft types. Contact them via Facebook or email.

Phones are always so so busy and you want to keep a paper trail.  You should note that they only allow domestic birds on the flight.

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2. Alaska Air Bird Pet Policy

Alaska Air flies Birds both In Cabin and In Cargo. Two Birds are allowed per passenger, which must be of the same species and close to the same size.

Your Birds must be and appear to flight staff as comfortable with no wings or feet protruding outside the carrier. The maximum carrier size is 46cm Length by 28cm in Width and 28cm in Height for Birds In Cabin. For Birds to be carried in Cargo, the size of the carrier will depend on the type of the plane.

The weight of the birds will also depend on the type of the plane for both cabin and cargo; however, the weight should be reasonable. The flight fee is 100 USD for one way.

3. Frontier Airlines Bird Pet Policy

Frontier allows Birds In Cabin and have no specified number of Birds that can fly in the same carrier but you may have only 1 carrier per passenger.

Your Bird’s carrier must be no larger than10”H x 16”W x 24”L18 cm in length,18 cm in length, 14cm in width, and 8cm in height.

You should select a compressible soft-sided carrier.  This will give a one or two extra inches of height giving you more aircraft your carrier will fit in.

They have not given the specific weight of the bird(s) to be carried, but it should not exceed 8kg. They charge a flight fee of 75 USD for domestic flights. However, they do not offer an international flight for birds except to and from Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

4. Japan Airlines Bird Pet Policy

Japan Airlines allows Household Birds to be carried In Cargo with only one large bird or two small birds in a crate.

One crate per passenger. Japan Airline’s Pet Policy has no specific size for the carrier crate or kennel, but it must be big enough for the Bird(s) to be comfortable.

The maximum weight for a crate and the Bird(s) is 32kg, while the total baggage weight of one customer, including the bird, should not exceed 100kg. They charge between $28 to $56 USD for your Bird’s Pet Fee.

  • One large bird such as a Parrot or two small birds are allowed in each crate and one crate per customer
  • Maximum weight: Your Bird(s)nand carrier can weigh up to 32kg and total weight of Bird, carrier and passenger’s baggage cannot exceed 100kg
  • Fees for domestic flight: $28-$56 USD (approx.)
  • You will need to prepare a Letter of Consent to the airline.

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5. Aegean Airlines Bird Pet Policy

UPDATE: As of January 1, 2021, Aegean is no longer flying Birds. I will update as soon as this policy changes. Aegean Airlines does not allow Birds In Cabin, but you are allowed to travel with Birds. One Carrier per Passenger and a maximum of five Birds per traveler.

There is no specified weight or size of the crate or carrier. For a domestic flight, they charge between $45 and $100 USD. The price you will pay for your Birds is determined by the total weight of the Bird(s).

For International flights, it will cost you between $95 – $170 Flights for Birds on Aegean Airlines are restricted to three hours.

What is the Standard Size for Airline Pet Carriers In-Cabin?

The Standard Size for Pet Carriers is 22”Lx14”Wx 9” and for Pets In-Cabin the average weight for your Pet is 8kg or 17lbs. Soft-Sided Carriers are best for Airlines. The top compresses 1 or 2 inches, giving you more options than a Hard-Sided carrier. The carrier must be stowed under the seat at least for take-off and landing.

6. Aeroflot Airlines Bird Pet Policy

  • There is No limit on the number of Birds allowed to fly as long as the they all have sufficient space within the Carrier or Kennel.
  • Maximum Carrier Size: 10″Hx12″Wx17″L for a rigid carrier and the total dimensions must not exceed 50 inches. Choosing a soft pet carrier allows flexibility for size and allows you to compress one or two inches from the top to fit more aircraft dimension requirements.
  • Carrier weight restrictions: cannot exceed 8kg (including carrier)
  • Pet Fee Domestic: $60USD
  • Pet Fee International: $75USD
  • One Carrier per Passenger

7. Vueling Airlines Bird Pet Policy

  • All Birds are allow to travel except Birds of Prey
  • One Bird per Passenger and One Bird Per Carrier
  • Maximum Carrier 8″Hx15″Wx18″L
  • Maximum Carrier weight: 8kg (Bird and Carrier)
  • Pet Fee Domestic: 39 GBP / 47 USD (approx.)
  • Pet Fee International: $60 USD
  • Soft-sided Carriers only

8. WestJet Airlines Bird Pet Policy

  • In Cabin: 16 in. L x 8.5 in. H x 10 in. W
  • Cargo Flights: Up to 6 Birds, depending on aircraft. One kennel or crate may carrier two Birds.
  • Maximum Crate Size: 16 in. L x 8.5 in. H x 10 in. W In Cabin and 40 in. L x 27 in. W x 30 in. H in Checked Baggage
  • Crate weight restrictions: 45 kg (up to 100 lb.)
  • Fees for travel within/between Canada and the U.S.: 100 – 118 USD
  • Fees for travel between Canada/U.S. and all destinations outside the U.S.: 200 – 236 USD
  • WestJet accepts Birds in checked baggage, but not all pets are accepted in all countries.

9. Iberia Airlines Bird Pet Policy

  • Number of Birds Allowed to Fly: Up to 6 Birds of the same species in the same container if they are small enough
  • Maximum Carrier Size: 10″Hx18″Lx14″ W and the total of the three dimensions cannot exceed 41.3″.
  • Maximum Weight: cannot exceed 8kg (including carrier)
  • Fee: $45-$180 USD, depending on route
  • No Noisy birds will be allowed.

10. Alitalia Airlines Bird Pet Policy

  • Number of birds permitted: up to 5 birds of the same species are permitted in one carrier as long as their combined weight is no more than 8kg.
  • Carrier size restrictions: 9.5″Hx8″Wx16″L for a rigid carrier and 11″Hx8″Wx16″L cm for a soft carrier
  • Carrier weight restrictions: cannot exceed 10kg (including carrier and food)
  • Cost for domestic flight: 45 USD (approx.)
  • Cost for international flight: 95-320 USD – check fees for your specific route here.
  • Additional information:
    • No pets can travel to the United Kingdom or Ireland.

Does my Bird need a microchip or banded?

Yes.  Your Pet Bird will need either a microchip or a band for Travel. 

As an increasing number of EU and North American Countries are no longer accepting or will shortly stop accepting split ring bands.

If you choose a microchip for your Bird’s identification, the USDA/APHIS recommends you use the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) compliant Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) microchip.

The chip should  be placed in the thickest portion of the pectoral muscle.

You can choose to travel with your Pet Bird and use a microchip that is not ISO compliant.  If you do, you must provide a handheld reader capable of reading the microchip implanted in the bird, at the intended port of entry (airport usually).

EU and USA microchips are not always compatible, and EU may not be able to read the USA and vice versa. Use a universal 16 digit ISO compliant microchip.

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