15 Hotel Pet Amenities that Score with Pet Parents too!

Pet Friendly Hotels and Resorts are big business as travelers in 2022 bring their furry friends on vacation even more than any year before. Here ared 15 Pet Amenities that Dogs and Cats love!

In the USA alone there are over 60 million Dog owners. That is a huge Pet Travel market when you consider that 50% of them travel with their Pets.

Some 25% of listings on the website hotels.com now accept pets when accompanying their owners, and offer limited pet friendly, hotel amenities However, some hotels have aggressively gone after that demographic, going far beyond mere permission to bring a pet, with some extraordinary amenities and services they are now offering.

1. In-Room Pet Massages

In 2022, we have witnessed an huge increase in interest in Pet Massages. The American Kennel Club is one organization that offers guidance on the subject, and the website PetMD also provides training on the advantages of doing so.

One chain of upscale boutique hotels in the United States,Provenance Hotels, provides in-room pet massages performed by trained professionals. The goal of this service is to alleviate some of the anxiety that may be caused by traveling for dogs who are accompanied by their human companions. The massage sessions go for a total of thirty minutes and cost the about fifty dollars.

2. Dog Sitting Services

Taking your Dog with you on vacation can add a whole new dimension to your trip. However, there are occasions when you face a problem and you are unable to take your Dog to a particular restaurant or theater.

This is when you have to leave your Dog back at the hotel. Some hotels will not allow you to leave the pet in the room unattended, while others will allow it.

Even so, it does present a problem, as your Dog in strange surroundings may suddenly choose to carry out an uncharacteristic attack of the furnishing and cause expensive damage. Or, maybe it makes such a noise that other guests complain.

This is where a dog sitting option is invaluable. Many Hotels arrange this concierge service in two ways. They may have there own staff to sit with your furry friend or in some cases they have an arrangement with a local doggie day care provider.

The Williamsburg Hotel, Brooklyn, New York, for example, has an arrangement with nearby Le Doggie Cool for your Pup to have a private caregiver and you are free to enjoy a human-only event.

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3 – Doggy Cabana

It is no longer an uncommon occurrence to bring along your pet with you when you cross the border into Mexico.

Spending relaxing time at the beach may be a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember that your Dog might become sick from being exposed to too much sun.

At least one hotel provides a pet-sized beach cabana for each guest’s animal to help them cope with the effects of the sun. This is just one of the numerous amenities that the Four Seasons Punta Mita has developed specifically for the convenience of its four-legged visitors.

Dog Friendly Cabanas and Plunge Pools are on top of the list of Pet Amenities
Dog Friendly Cabanas and Plunge Pools are on top of the list of Pet Amenities

4. Doggy Plunge Pool

The Four Seasons Punta Mita also has various beach amenities for dogs, such as the “Doggy Plunge Pool,” which offers a little reprieve from the searing heat of the sun while also providing the dog with an opportunity to cool down. It certainly sounds like a beach heaven for Dogs.

5. Complimentary Fit Bark Device

I am sure that most of us have heard of Fitbit, the divide that tracks many human metrics related to fitness. You may not have heard of Fit Bark, which is a Fitbit style of device designed for Dogs. It is a GPS Tracker which can help in finding your dog should he become lost while in strange surroundings on your trip, The data from the fit bark can be transmitted to the Fitbit app on your smart phone and can even be displayed on a smart watch. The Arrabelle at Vail Square offers complimentary use of this device for guest’s Dogs.

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6. Pet Psychic

Portland Oregon is one of the most pet friendly cities in the USA, and Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Portland tries to offer the best pet friendly hotel amenities that it can. It has been very through in creating services that it offers to its guests, with pet beds, bowls, and treat supplied.

They also offers one less than obvious service not offered elsewhere, and that is a Pet Psychic service. Once a month a pet psychic called Deborah comes along to the complimentary wine tasting and offers free insights into the pets thoughts for guests staying at the property.

This is a free service and offered without appointment. She also offers, at a charge, Reiki for dogs, and that can be booked through the hotel concierge.

7. Free Bandanas and Neckwear

Every well dressed Dog wants to look its best for a vacation stay at a hotel, and the Perry Lane Hotel has that covered, by offering every Dog guest a Bandana to wear, together with other gifts, and dog treats.

The hotel also offers doggies daycare and a pet taxi service for the convenience of their guests. This is provided in partnership with Savannah Pet Sitter, a local specialist pet sitting company.

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8. Dog Butler

Another feature that is often provided in these super pet friendly hotels are designated staff to care for your pooch. They go by different names, but they all have a similar role, and that is to totally pamper your dog. Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos,

Mexico has what it describes as a dog butler, and Barnsley Gardens Resort in Adairsville, Ga has someone referred to as a “furry Godmother”, who will pamper your Pup with belly rubs and special treats.

9. Scented Pet Facials and Paw Conditioning

Whatever possible amenity that you can imagine your dog might need or enjoy is available somewhere in the USA. It has gone way past just providing a dog basket and feeding bowl these days.

Dogs are carefully pampered and preened to perfection in every conceivable way. How can your dog possibly be expected to stay at a hotel that does not provide a scented facial or has a paw conditioning service?

These are two of the services that are available at a resort called Nemacolin in Pennsylvania. The resort has dedicated 2,2000 acres for furry guests to enjoy while the human guests enjoy a range of activities.

Pet Friendly Cuisine Cater to Dogs
Pet Friendly Cuisine Cater to Dogs

10. Pet Cuisine Menu

Just like human guests, our pets are also treated to first class food with special doggie diets created especially for them.

Some hotels have created their own special doggie treats, others provide a Kong Toy stacked with delicious fillings and Montage Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton, South Carolina has created a menu that includes Angus Beef and choice vegetables to pamper their taste buds.

All of these listed in special doggie menus created by the chef.

11. Dog Surfing Classes

Earlier we mentioned beach Cabanas made just for Dogs, and of course like humans our pets also want some action too. Hotels and resorts have thought about this too and have devised many ways of keeping your family pet amused.

These range from pools to dog surfing classes. What dog has not dreamed of standing astride his board while surfing the waves? It is just such a cool look for dogs after all. The Four Seasons Punta Mita has arranged special dog surfing sessions at just $165 per Dog.

white dog on shore
Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

12. Dog Yoga

Maybe your Dog is more passive and would prefer something more spiritual and with a slower burn. Never fear, the same hotel that offers dog surfing also offers Dog Yoga.

Yoga for dogs is called Doga, and when you check into Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos, Mexico, you can get your dog his own butler who will look after all of his needs and take him along to Doga sessions so while you are out and about enjoying the beach or snorkeling, your dog can recharge his Zen.

13. Dog Happy Hour

The Liberty in Boston Massachusetts is just one hotel that offers a Happy Hour to canine guests. Every Monday and Wednesday evening they hold “Yappier Hour” in the courtyard of the hotel’s restaurant, where dogs receive pup-tails and featured treats, while their owners enjoy cocktails and snacks.

In Milwaukee, the Kimpton Journeyman Hotel offers a nightly pet friendly wine tasting reception. Taking your dog along to an event like this can open doors for single travelers to meet new people.

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14. Dog Weddings and Birthday Celebrations

Four Seasons Punta Mita also offer a complete service to arrange Pet Weddings and Pet Birthday Parties. After all, why shouldn’t your dog celebrate these special days in luxurious surroundings?

Pet weddings cost around $3,000 and pet birthdays celebrations will depend on the choice of menus selected. I think we have to admit that the hospitality industry has thought of every conceivable way they can develop new services to offers pets and their owners.

Kimpton Pet Friendly Hotels Cater to Pets with Varied Amenities
Kimpton Pet Friendly Hotels Cater to Pets with Varied Amenities

15. Canine Staff Members

Some hotels and resorts are so committed to ensuring the quality of service for their canine guests that they employ dogs on the staff. Kimpton Journeyman hotels refer to these staff members as Directors of Pet Relations, and they are there to greet pets as they arrive in the hotel.

Now there is a career opportunity for your pet that maybe you have never considered.

Today’s best hotels and resorts cater to Pets and Pet Parents. Pet friendly accommodations keep in tune to the pet traveler’s wants and needs and cater to both pet parents and their precious pooches and kitties by providing pet pampering services that leave both pets and their parents begging for more.