4 Best In-Cabin Pet Carriers for Airlines 2023

Oh, we have so much planning to do when we flying with our pets!  Vaccinations, check…health certificate, check…book a space with our ticket…check.  Now, we need the best Pet Travel carrier for In-Cabin. 

I have researched, tried and traveled with many Pet Carriers for my to Kitties, Sophie and Chihiro.  Here are the ones I own, use and recommend.

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BEST FOR PRICE- Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe

Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe from Amazon.com
  • Top And Side Entry
  • 3.9lbs
  • Very Well Compressible
  • 3-Sided Ventilation
  • Luggage Strap for Carry-On
  • Only 1 Slim Pocket for Storage
  • You Pay more for Color Choice
  • Reported Zipper Failure

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  • Rugged Construction Nylon
  • Wire Frame
  • Plywood Base
  • Only 2.7lbs
  • Premium Fasteners
  • 3-Sided Ventilation
  • Not best for Pets over 18lbs
  • Only 1 Entry/Exit Point


RUGGED CONSTRUCTION:  Made with a very sturdy wire frame structure to eliminate that sinking fabric look found on other carriers with a less structured frame. This wire frame ensures this carrier is fully expanded with plenty of space. 

The fabric is Nylon. This type of fabric is good combination of stiffness and flexibility.  Probably, the only better is fabric that includes Spandex.  But, if hard-wearing is key, this works well.  It withstands scuffs and tears. The 1/4″ Plywood Base Insert is a sustainable upgrade from the standard cardboard.

The Safety Seat Belt Attachment is another upgrade.

WEARABILITY:  The Premium Brand Zippers  eliminates those fragile clasps of poorer quality fasteners that separate from the fabric and are reduce the life-span of the carrier. And, of course, they are Auto Self Locking Zippers for safety.  The carrier will not be pushed open by your Pet.

MANY FEATURES: Open Air Large Mesh Windows on 3 Sides, 

I really appreciate the Privacy Cover.  My Cats do not like the feeling of being surrounded.  I think they appreciate the carrier as a sanctuary.  The privacy cover help keeps them calm. Once acclimated to this carrier, they have privacy and ventilation.

  • 1 ample Zippered Pocket 
  • Padded Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap and Hand Carry Handle 
  • Faux Fleece Pet Bed.
  • Name Tag Holder
  • Luggage Strap
  • Leash Tether

Dimensions:  Fits More Airlines than many others (use chart link).  BONUS: Since it weighs only 2.7lbs, it provides more allowance for airline weight requirements. The manufacturer recommends this carrier for Pets Up to 18lbs

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Best for Pets Up to 15lbs-Petmate See&Extend

Petmate See&Extend Pet Carrier for Flying with Pets
Petmate See&Extend Pet Carrier

  • Dual Doors: Front and Back
  • Expandable
  • Back Sleeve to Secure on Top of Carry-On
  • Removable/Washable Fleece Pad
  • Ventilation on all 4 Sides
  • Compressible
  • Not Suitable for Dogs over 15lbs
  • Only Color Choice is Black

I love that this carrier is extendable. I use it even when I am not flying– at the hotel and at friend’s home.

DETAILS: 18″ L x 11″ W x 11″ H

PLENTY OF VENTILATION The 360 degree Ventilation on all 4 Sides ensures a cool and breathable space. No matter what is pressed against a side there are more to ensure your furry friend can see and has plenty of ventilation.  With the Two Exit Doors you aren’t moving the carrier around to get access.  The Doors are full-frame allowing for full a height opening.

WEIGHING IN at only 3.36 lbs this carrier allows more airline weight allowance for your Pet.

AIRPLANE FRIENDLY: Petmate See&Extend meets TSA and most airlines standards. I like the extra room with the extenstion that other carriers lack.  The material is so sturdy that it may not compress as much as less-expensive models but if you need an inch or two, it will compress enough to fit it under the seat in front.

FIRST CLASS COMFORT:  The Fleece pad conforms to your Pet’s body.  It is Removable and Washable. The great quality lets you wash and use for many trips to come.  There is a removable board that adds sturdiness, and the carrier is leak-proof.

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You have many choices for an In Cabin Pet Carrier, we have narrowed the choice after much research and personal testing to: Sherpa, Mr. Peanuts, Katziel and Petmate. Let us know at CompanionPetTravel@gmail.com What your favorite is.