Stephanie Anne Fling

I have been traveling internationally since I was a little girl and then during my time in the Army, mostly in Europe. Three years ago, I stopped practicing law in the US and became a full time traveler. Since then, I have focused my travels on Southeast Asia, including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

In May 2021, I moved to the beautiful Mexico and am happily staying in a little casita in San Miguel de Allende writing for my blog on In November 2021, I will be moving back to Phuket Thailand and continue writing. My blog is dedicated to helping everyone travel with their companion animals, mid-life career changes, and traveling anywhere—especially solo travel– I so love!

These days my 2 kitties, Sophie and Chihiro, are happily back home with my Daughter but, I am still so passionate about helping others travel with their furry companions.

Happy Travels, Stephanie Anne Fling

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