Can I Buy a Plane Ticket for My Dog?

JSX Airlines Fly Large Dogs In Cabin

Pet Friendly Shared Private Charters are more affordable and more available than ever to fly your Large Dog In-Cabin. This group of Pet Parent and Pet Travelers join together and fly their large Dogs In-Cabin.

When you ask “Can I Buy My Dog a Plane Ticket”? Here’s How:

What are Shared Charter Flights for Pets?

Shared Private charters for Pets allow travel for Large Dogs In Cabin regionally and worldwide. Pet parent groups join together to hire and share the cost of a private jet making the flight affordable by dividing the cost among all passengers.

What makes Private Charter travel for Pets affordable is when the Jet is shared with other Pet Parents.

JSX Airlines to Buy a Plane ticket for your Dog
JSX Airlines to Buy a Plane ticket for your Dog

How Does Shared Private Charter for Pets Work?

Groups such as Chartered Air Travel with Pets and others on Facebook and other social media share information on their Pet Travel departure and destination, choose a date and then contract with a private jet company.

These Pet Parents provide their route and month of departure, and others who are looking for the same or similar route join other like-minded travelers with Pets.

Then, they contract the Private Jet company the group has found available for that route, combine their funds spreading the cost among those who join the flight to make the cost of sharing a Private Jet exclusively for Pets cost-effective.

Dogs, Cats and other Pets fly In Cabin sharing cabin with other passengers and their Pets.

Private Jets Pet Travel is typically offered on smaller 10- to 30-passenger planes flying domestic and international routes.

The most popular routes are from New York to Europe, either France, Italy or Spain.  But there are groups that focus on South American travel and Asian countries.

When the group is formed before the private jet company is contracted, you have more negotiating power than just purchasing a flight already scheduled.

You can still choose to purchase individual flights online with private companies just as they do with any other commercial airline.

  Shared private charters for Pets allow for more options and negotiating price than just buying a seat on an existing flight.

Many believe that flying on a private jet is for the rich or those who want a bit of luxury.

Still is true for some, but shared private jet travel has become a necessity for many of us.

Sharing a Private Charter Jet is sometimes the Only way to fly a Large Dog IN-CABIN. Groups like this make it more affordable

Cost of Flying with Pets on a Shared Private Jet

Since you aren’t chartering the entire aircraft for just you and your Pets, the cost is spread out among the passengers who contract a private jet company. 

Cost ranges from fares that are comparable to business or first class fares on major commercial airlines flying to major hubs domestically.

Such as routes between New York and Florida for about $1,000.

Staying in the US?  Interstate flights range from $200 to $1,000 to fly with Pet in cabin on board a private jet shared with other Dogs and Cats.

Or Internationally from New York or New Jersey to Paris, Milan or Lisbon between $6,000 and $9,000. I have found Los Angeles to Los Cabos for about $2,000 one-way for me and my 2 cats. 

Shared Private Jets Allow You to Buy a Plane Ticket for your Dog
Shared Private Jets Allow You to Buy a Plane Ticket for your Dog

What Pets are Allowed on Shared Private Flights?

For Chartered Air Travel with Pets, any Pet that can travel safely onboard is welcome.  Of course, most Pets that fly are Dogs and Cats, but private charter flights for Pets are designed to cater to nearly all domesticated Pets.

Large, small, and multiple pets who are often traveling for relocation and not just vacation use private charters when commercial airlines will not fly them, or the Pet Parent refuses to fly their Pet in cargo.

Most passengers choose shared jet travel because flying their beloved Pet in Cargo or as Checked Baggage is not an option because they do not feel their Pet will be safe.

Some Pet parents simply cannot find an airline to allow their Pet to travel because of country restrictions at their destination.

For some, their Pet is too big, or their breed is snub nosed or considered “aggressive or dangerous”.

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Why Should I Fly with Pets on Charter Flights?

Pet Travel Heath Certificate

1. Cost

While there are actually some pretty great deals to be found in the semi-private flight charter groups, the flights will typically cost more than the commercial flight.

The reality is that moving or travel with Pets is a significant expense that has to be budgeted for. 

Finding an airline that will fly your Pet In Cabin is hard.  Shared Private Charter sometimes becomes the only answer. 

It becomes the primary deciding factor on how and when you travel or relocate.

However, there is a lot to be said for what these flights can save you in terms of time and frustration.

Also, be sure to do all the math regarding any additional fees you might pay on a commercial flight (e.g., for baggage) to see how a shared private flight compares.

You will have to be flexible. There are limited flights to choose from. When traveling with Pets, there are fewer routes and dates. 

The flight on your route may only fly there 5 times a year.  Especially for shared charter travel.

But when compared to leasing a private jet for you alone, the cost is significantly less and cost somewhere between the cost of a first-class ticket and double the cost of first-class.

See all about How to Get a Pet Passport or Animal Health Certificate here Cost of Pet Health Certificates for Travel—Prices from Actual Travelers  

2. No Cargo or Checked Baggage

When flying your Pet in Cargo IS NOT an option, Shared Charter flights provide a viable option.  Your Dog, Cat or other Pet will be safe In Cabin with you at your side. 

3. You Fly with your Pet from Smaller and Separate Terminals

This allows you to arrive with your Pets at the airport less than 1 hour before takeoff.  You are met by the flight attendant, they review your travel documents and you’re on the way without arriving hours in advance in a busy airport, queuing in multiple lines and waiting for hours.  

4. Shorter Lines at the Airport for You and Your Pet

Most carriers recommend arriving 30 to 40 minutes before your flight is scheduled to take off.  One hour to be safe.

No need to arrive at the airport three or four hours early.

There are no distracting crowds to add anxiety to your pet.  There are no long security lines.

There are few things more disheartening than arriving at the airport—even with plenty of time before your flight—only to see a line of people snaking through security—especially, the potential health and safety concerns about crowds brought on by the pandemic. 

With smaller aircraft, smaller airports, the crowds and lines are basically non-existent when flying on a shared private charter.

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5.  Easier Custom Checks for You and Your Pets

You can check your bags, walk straight through security without removing your shoes or liquids.

Because you are flying through a smaller airport and have chartered a private company, you receive personal attention. Sometimes, the custom agents come aboard the flight to check documents and clear customs in the comfort of the plane.

6. Comfort

For example, JSX, 30-passenger planes have a 2-1 seat configuration and include gourmet snacks and drinks and uncrowded private lounges to enjoy before your flight.  The seats are akin to first-class—wide and comfortable.

What are the Cheapest Pets Private Charter Flights with Pets?

Chartered Air Travel with Pets

FB Groups such as Chartered Air Travel with Pets are the easiest on the budget. Companies like JSX, La Compagnie, and Blackbird allow Pet travelers to snag a coveted seat on a shared private jet charter—sometimes for as little as $500 each way—sharing space with only a handful of other like-minded passengers

JSX Airlines

JSX routes connect several California hubs, including Burbank, Concord, Los Angeles, Monterey, Orange County, Oakland, and San Diego.

The airline also flies to Reno-Tahoe, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, and Houston and more recently added Miami and Westchester County in New York to its roster.

JSX is by far one of the most affordable options for semi-private pet friendly travel.  They offer one-way fares starting as low as $200 on a 30-seat aircraft, which includes up to two checked bags, snacks and drinks and concierge service onboard.

The carrier recommends arriving 30 minutes before your flight is scheduled to take off. The waiting lounges, which are typically in their own terminal apart from the main airport, are Wi-Fi equipped and have coffee, tea, water, and restrooms available for passengers.

Aero Airlines

Launched in 2020 is a semi-private, luxury airline.  They offer a more elevated experience than JSX, at an equally more elevated price.

One-way flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas start at $950, one-way flights from San Francisco to Aspen start at $1,900, one-way flights from L.A. to Los Cabos start at $1,900, and one-way flights from London to Milan start at $1,625.

Aero routes include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Los Cabos (Mexico), Las Vegas, Jackson Hole, Aspen and Vail. They also have routes between European hubs, including London, Milan, Nice in France, and Geneva, Switzerland.

La Compagnie

Allows Larger Dogs including Snub Nose Dogs! Flights from New York to Paris, Nice, Milan, Tel Aviv, Faro, Naples, Pisa, Toulouse, Rome.

La Compagnie Airlines is a great alternative to the 8kg/18lbs pet weight limit on most airlines.

Your Pet’s Flight Cost is 10% of Your Ticket Price

Book at Least 48 hours In Advance Online or by Phone. You can Book a Flight for 1 Pet In Cabin Per Person

Your Dog or Cat Must be at Least 16 weeks old, vaccinated (Pet Passport or Health Certificate required).

Great transatlantic pet travel option!

Another Option:  Pet Travel on Empty Leg Flights

An empty leg is a repositioning shared private jet flight—a private jet that has dropped passengers off on a one-way leg and would otherwise return to its home base empty. So, to fill the seats, they offer Pet Friendly one-way flights.

Because these are noncommissioned flights, they can often be accessed at a much lower price than a standard private jet flight as operators are happy to recuperate any of the costs and sell the flight for a deal—well, a deal for an entire private jet.

Private jet services such as Jettly and XO will often list their current empty leg deals and routes online.

Are you Flying with a Large Dog to England or the UK? Did you know you cannot fly any animal on a commercial flight In-Cabin into England/UK. There is another route. Many Pet Parents fly their large Dog through France first and then take a Pet Taxi or Pet Ferry into England. Here’s How: Flying Your Pet to England? Fly To France & Take a Ferry or Pet Taxi Instead! Options for Dogs In-Cabin 2022

Can Large Dogs Fly First Class?

Commercial airlines rarely have room under their seats in first class.  Semi-private charter flights allow first class Dogs of all sizes and breeds

Or, See Flying with a Large Dog In Cabin in 2022 . JSX Airlines, La Compagnie Airlines, Chartered Air Travel with Pets, and WestJet Airlines are great alternatives, provide upgraded service and comfort.

Documents Needed for Moving or Flying with Pets Internationally

  • Microchip Certificate
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate
  • Health Certificate. For International Pet Travel, you may need more than 1 Health Certificate–Some transit countries require their own Certificates.
  • Rabies Titer Test results
  • Parasite Treatment certificate—Often Deworming
  • This is just a guide on what is required, please check the requirements for your specific airline and destination country at our page: Pet Passports and Pet Health Certificates.

The US Department of Transportation and their Department of Agriculture have the following guidelines for flying with pets within the USA:

Semi-private jet travel is not exempt from government travel restrictions. Those flying internationally need to take into consideration the specific vaccine or testing requirements for entering their destination or for their return to the United States.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has created an interactive world map that offers travelers updated COVID-19 entry regulations by country. This can serve as a handy guide for semi-private fliers.

Can an Airline Deny my Pet to Fly?

Airlines may deny your Pet to Fly if they violate Safety Requirements set be each airline. This usually applies to Dogs.

If the Dog is too big, too heavy, is ill-behaved (excessive barking, growling, jumping, lunging, nipping or biting) or appears unhealthy or unclean, the airline can deny you to board a plane at the gate or ticket counter.

Poorly behaved Pets is the primary reason ESAs (Emotional Support Animals) are now no longer given the same priority on planes as qualified Service Dogs. There are more reasons, but ill-behaved Dogs is the primary reason.

Your Dog must be well-socialized to be around people in crowded spaces. Airlines are allowed to observe your Pet in the Airport, particularly at the ticket counter and while waiting at the gate.

Flying with a large Dog on Planes in Cabin isn’t cheap but, when Cargo is not an option, Shared private Jets are an option.

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