Airlines that allow Dogs 40lbs+ In-Cabin

Airlines that Fly Dogs 40lbs In Cabin

6 Airlines that Allow 40+lbs Dogs Aboard a Plane In Cabin are JSX Airlines, WestJet Air, Eastern Air, iFly Air, Spirit Airlines and Chartered Air Travel with Pets In-Cabin

What is a “Large” Dog for Airlines Aboard In-Cabin?

For Pet Travel the Standard Airlines Size and Weight for Pets In-Cabin flights is 17lbs/8kg with carrier.  Any Pet larger than this is considered “Large” or “Big” for flying with Dogs.

Airlines that Fly Dogs 40lbs+ IN CABINPets 40lbs+ In Cabin, Aboard Details
 JSX AirlinesYour Dog Can Weigh Up to 65 lbs.!
You Can Purchase the Seat Next to Your and Share the Footprint with Your Pet.
No having to Fit Under the Seat
Chartered Air Travel with PetsUS to Europe
$7K -$10K

No Crates or Carriers
First-Class at a more affordable price than Pet Transportation Companies
Eastern Air
Pet Fee: Free
Cats and Dogs with NO weight restrictions
Flys NY, Miami, Boston to Nicaragua, Uruguay, Paraguay and Ecuador
Pet must be at least 8 weeks old
iFly Air
Pet Fee: $30 to $150
The Airlines website Pet Policy is: “Generally about
20″x15″x10” and weighing less than 40 pounds”
WestJet AirlinesUS to Central America & Europe
WestJet allows Working Dogs to fly In Cabin
& you buy an adjacent seat if your Working Dog needs more space than your seat space allows
Spirit AirlinesDogs, Cats & Household Birds United States
Up to 40 lbs/18 kg.
Domestic and flights to/from Puerto Rico
& St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.
Table of airlines from table airlines that allow Dogs over 40lbs In-Cabin

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1. JSX Airlines

  • Flying with Dogs is easier In-Cabin with JSX Airlines pet policy.
  • One additional seat can be purchased by the customer, and one medium or large Dog is permitted to occupy the floor space in front of an adjoining seat. 
  • JSX Airlines allow 25lbs+ Dogs to Fly In-Cabin.
  • You can purchase the Seat next to yours In-Cabin for your  Big Dog.
  • Your Dog is permitted to sit or lay on the floor directly in front of the seat.
  • You pay for the extra seat at regular price but, you will have twice the floor space for your Pet
  • And, have twice the seat space for you. 
  • Seat Price is the current available rate for both “Hop On” and “All In” fares.
  • Your Dog must be leashed (not in a carrier).
  • Your Dog Can Weigh Up To 65 lbs!
  • Your Dog must be well-behaved-duh!
  • Flying with a Dog, the Pet may only occupy the space in front of a window seat, and You must sit in the adjoining aisle seat of any row except for the bulkhead or emergency exit rows.
  • Seats together must be available at time of booking.
  • All rows have only 2 seats or 1 seat. You will not be sharing space with others in your row.

JSX Airlines Route Map for Flying Dogs 40 lbs. plus
JSX Airlines Route Map for Flying Dogs 40 lbs. plus

To purchase your seat and your Large Dog space, call direct Customer Support at (800) 435-9579.

Inform the Airport Services Concierge upon check-in if you are traveling with a pet that requires an adjoining seat.

I travel full time and sometimes with my 2 Cats: Sophie and Chihiro, See my favorite Pet Carriers–tried and recommended here, 4 Best In-Cabin Pet Carriers for Airlines 2022

2. WestJet

WestJet is a Canadian Airline with routes to many cities in the US, Central America and Europe (France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and The Netherlands).

  • WestJet offers a unique program, not offered by many air carriers.
  • WestJet allows Working Dogs to fly In Cabin and you can buy an adjacent seat if your Working Dog needs more space than your seat allows
  • What is a Working Dog. A Working Dog is not considered a Service Dog so this policy allows large Dog to fly In Cabin and with additional space.
  • What is a Working Dog. A Working Dog is not considered a Service Dog so this policy allows large Dog to fly In Cabin and with additional space.
  • Working dogs do not provide a service to a person with a disability or provide personal assistance to their handler.
  • Working dogs are trained to perform tasks at the direction of their handler. These tasks may include: locating people or items (search, rescue, avalanche, or tracking dogs)performing specific tasks for the military or police (detection, scout, sentry)other highly specialized skills. Working dogs will be charged the pet in cabin fee, and if the specialty dog requires additional floor space to ensure its comfort and safety on board, an additional seat must be purchased (based on availability).

Please note:
WestJet offers this program, but this is not something offered by many air carriers.

3. Eastern Airlines

  • With Routes from the US to South America Flying with Dogs is easier for In-Cabin flights.
  • Pets In-Cabin Fee: Free
  • Cats and Dogs with NO weight restrictions
  • Flys NY, Miami, Boston to Nicaragua, Uruguay, Paraguay and Ecuador
  • Pet must be at least 8 weeks old
  • Each pet must be accompanied by a Passenger.
  • One Pet Per Pet Parent
  • Passengers All pets in the cabin must be carried in an appropriate pet carrier and remain in the carrier at all times
  • The carriers must be leakproof and well-ventilated, and your Pet must be able to stand up and move around the carrier with ease.
  • Did I Mention there is no pet carry-on fee? Pets fly FREE!

4. iFly Air

iFly Air allows large dogs In-cabin, too. Sure, are smaller and have limited routes, but it is an option for some Pet Travelers trying to get to a major hub for a longer flight.

There’s not a lot of information on iFly Air’s website. Please contact them in their Facebook chat or email for details and routes. This we know:

  • Pet Fee: $30 to $150
  • “Generally about 20″x15″x10” and weighing less than 40 pounds”

5. Chartered Air Travel with Pets

Flying with Dogs In-Cabin to Europe & UK is complicated if cargo is not possible or not your preference.

Chartered private jets are expensive and only possible for most of us unless we share with other travelers.

This FB group coordinates flights with other Pet Travelers for to fly with their Pets In-Cabin.

  • The group shares the cost of the shared private plane so, Large Dogs In-Cabin can be a real possibility.
  • Cost Example: Expect to spend between $7K -$10K for a seat on a chartered jet from NY to Lisbon (shortest distance from US to EU).
  • This seat includes one luxury human seat plus one large dog or 1-2 small to medium sized Pets.
  • Flights are designed for only 10-14 people—lots of space for all travelers.
  • Each flight is unique and the group on the flight will agree on the rules of the flight.      
  • Cost to Fly with a Large Dog In Cabin: Average of 5k to 8k
  • You Can Travel with Your Large Dog In-Cabin, You have a luxury seat with more space for you and your Pets. Less Customs Hassle
  • Little Wait at the Airport and fast boarding
  • VIP experience for Pet Travel
  • Less Expensive than hiring a Pet Shipper
  • No Cargo or Checked Baggage for Your precious Pet.

Every Airlines has their own policies. Some are standard and apply to almost all Pet Travel. See, Extreme Temperature Restrictions for Pet on Airlines, How To Choose the Best Pet Carrier Size for Flying IN Cabin

FAQ for Flying with Dogs:

Does The Airline Weigh Your Dog at the Airport?

Sometimes. Airlines have discretion to weigh and measure both your Dog and carrier.  Lufthansa checks regularly, AeroMexico usually no. Agents will observe your Pet. If the Dog seems calm and comfortable or if they are very busy, the chances are less than that you will be subject to a weight check.

How do I Fly with my Dog too Big For a Carrier?

You can fly your Big Dog with JSX Airlines, La Compagnie, WestJet Air and Shared Charter Flights In-Cabin and some allow you to buy a seat floor space for your large, too big Dog.

What happens if a Dog is Too Big to Fit under an Airplane Seat?

Big Dogs can fly on a plane seat floor space with JSX Airlines, WestJet Air and Shared Charter Flights In-Cabin and they will not have to fit under the seat. If these Airlines are not on your route, you will have to fly with a Dog in Cargo or Checked Baggage.

Will My Dog be Cold or Hot in Cargo or Checked Baggage?

Rarely! Flying with Dogs in Cargo, they are in a climate-controlled space.  The pilot’s manifest (list of who is on the plane) monitors and has control of the temperature in Cargo. 

Your Dog will not be colder or hotter than the In- Cabin temperature. Also, airlines implement temperature embargoes and when there are extreme temperatures at the airport, you will be notified and may have to change your flight departure.

The airline will not board a pet if the temperature at the origin or destination is too hot or too cold. These embargoes are in place for the safety of your pet.See All About Extreme Temperatures at Airports and Flying with Dogs HERE

How Big is too Big for a Dog on a Plane?

The Standard for Pets In-Cabin on Airlines is 17lbs/8kg with carrier. Airlines that allow Big Dogs In-Cabin are: La Compagnie Airlines, JSX Airlines, WestJet Air and Shared Charter Flights

Remember, each aircraft can only carry a certain number of Pets on board so, you need to book your pet separately from your ticket and contact the airline to ensure there is space for your Pet.

How will your Dog get through the Airport? See all Pets in Airports: Everything You Need to Know

What Airlines Fly Dogs 25lbs+ In-Cabin

8 Airlines that Fly 25lbs+ Dogs aboard are: La Compagnie Airlines, JSX Airlines, WestJet Air, Boutique Air, Eastern Air, iFly Air, Breeze Airlines and Shared Charter Flights.

Can an Airline Deny my Pet to Fly?

Airlines may deny your Pet to Fly if they violate Safety Requirements set be each airline. This usually applies to Dogs.

If the Dog is too big, too heavy, is ill-behaved (excessive barking, growling, jumping, lunging, nipping or biting) or appears unhealthy or unclean, the airline can deny you to board a plane at the gate or ticket counter.

Poorly behaved Pets is the primary reason ESAs (Emotional Support Animals) are now no longer given the same priority on planes as qualified Service Dogs. There are more reasons, but ill-behaved Dogs is the primary reason.

Your Dog must be well-socialized to be around people in crowded spaces. Airlines are allowed to observe your Pet in the Airport, particularly at the ticket counter and while waiting at the gate.

Can an Airline Deny My Service Dog to Fly?

Flying a Large Dog In Cabin 2022

Documents Needed for Moving or Flying with Pets Internationally

  • Microchip Certificate
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate
  • Health Certificate. For International Pet Travel, you may need more than 1 Health Certificate–Some transit countries require their own Certificates.
  • Rabies Titer Test results
  • Parasite Treatment certificate—Often Deworming
  • This is just a guide on what is required, please check the requirements for your specific airline and destination country at our page: Pet Passports and Pet Health Certificates.