Airlines that Fly Rabbits in Cabin-Complete List 2023

Rabbits are very popular; however, flying with that special little member of our family is harder than traveling with other Pets.  Here are all the airlines that fly Rabbits: Alaska Air, Chartered Air Travel with Pets, Frontier, WestJet, Finnair, Air Europa.

Airlines that Fly Rabbits In Cabin

Rabbits In Cabin
Rabbits IN Cabin &
Pet Crate Sizes
for International Flights
Flying IN Cabin &
Pet Crate Sizes for
Domestic Flights
Alaska Air
$100 each way
17″ x 11″ x 9.5″
7.5” for Hard-Sided
17″ x 11″ x 9.5″
7.5” for Hard-Sided
$99 each way
18″x 14″x 8
Dominican Republic &
Mexico only
18″x 14″x 8″

Charter Air
Travel w/Pet

Avg. 5k to 8k

Any Number of
Pets any Size

Rabbit & Carrier Not To
Exceed 17lbs
Rabbit & Carrier Not To
Exceed 17lbs
Air Europa
Europe & Africa
European Countries
Europe & Africa
22x14x10 Airlines that Fly Rabbits In Cabin

Alaska Air Pet Policy

  • You can have 2 pet carriers only if you also buy the adjacent seat.
  • Your Rabbit must be 8 weeks old.
  • Alaska Airlines recommends a soft-sided carrier but do accept a hard-sided. Soft-sided carrier will compress at least 2 inches giving you more options for choosing a carrier. Measurements allowed are: 17″x11″x9.5″ and
  • Remember, not every aircraft on each airline is equipped to fly pets. You will need to contact the Airline to see which routes and aircraft fly to your destination. The best way to contact the airline for information on booking your Pet’s flight is using their app and messenger.

Frontier Airlines Pet Policy

  • Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and Small household Birds may fly In Cabin.
  • One-way, directional charge of $99.
  • Soft-sided carriers are best as they allow the top to compress giving you more option when choosing a flight and seat.
  • Pet Carrier measurements allowed: 18″x 14″x 8″
  • Rabbits are allowed in the cabin on all domestic flights, and on international flights to/from the Dominican Republic and Mexico.
  • You may not sit in row one or an exit row when traveling with a pet.
  • The best way to contact an airline without having to sit on hold is to use their app and contact them in messenger.


  • Pet Carrier Measurements: 16”x10”x8.5”. A soft-sided carrier may be best as it allows the carrier to compress at least 2 inches, giving you more options when choosing a carrier for your Rabbit.
  • Your Rabbit must be 8 weeks old
  • Pet Travel Fee: If the flight is within/between Canada and the U.S.=$59
  • If your flight is between Canada/U.S. and all destinations outside the U.S.=$118
  • The best way to contact the airline for more information on booking a flight and what aircraft are equipped to fly Pets In Cabin is via their app and then using their messenger contact link.

Chartered Air Travel with Pets

Pet Travel and Flying with Dogs In Cabin to and from Europe or the UK with Pets is complicated if cargo is not possible or not your preference.
Chartered private jets are expensive and only possible for most of us if shared with other travelers. This group coordinates flights to for travelers to fly with their Pets so chartered air transport can be a real possibility.

Cost Example: Expect to spend between $7K -$10K for a seat on a chartered jet from NY to Lisbon (shortest distance from US to EU).
This seat will usually include one luxury human seat plus one large dog or 1-2 small to medium sized dogs on a flight designed for 10-14 people.
Each flight is unique and the group on the flight will agree on the rules of the flight.
Cost to Fly with a Large Dog In Cabin: Average of 5k to 8k
You Can Travel with Your Large Dog In-Cabin, You have a luxury seat with more space for you and your Pets. Less Customs Hassle
Little Wait at the Airport and fast boarding
VIP experience for Pet Travel
Less Expensive than hiring a Pet Shipper
No Cargo or Checked Baggage for Your precious Pet.

Finnair Pet Policy

  • Rabbits, Tortoises and Hedgehogs, can travel with you in the cabin on FInnair flights
  • Total weight of the pet and the pet carrier does not exceed 17lbs. There is no specific dimensions given for the carrier.
  • Contact Finnair via the app and messenger to ask what aircraft on what routes for their under seat dimension allowances. They are available (within 24h) by contacting via their chat service.
  • Much faster than waiting on hold by phone.
  • One pet carrier or box and you can carry two adult pets

Air Europa Pet Policy

  • Each passenger can be accompanied by up to 5 pets.
  • The maximum number of animals allowed in one container is 3
  • Maximum measurements of carrier:  22″x14″x10″
  • Maximum weight: The weight of the pet may not exceed 17lbs. The overall weight of the container and the animal may not exceed 22lbs.

Even airlines that allow Rabbits on flights, each will have restrictions on the number of Rabbits per flight and for the length of the flight (usually any over 11 hours).

  • The factors that determine if your Rabbits is allowed to fly and if in Cabin are:
  • If your flight is International or Domestic
  • If your Destination and any Layover City or CodeShares with another Airline
  • The specific aircraft flying your chosen Route. Not every aircraft will fly Rabbits, or any Pet, on every airlines
  • The Size and Weight of your Pet with Carrier
  • Weather Restrictions. This impacts all Pet Travel. See Extreme Temperature Restrictions for Pets on Airlines

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Do I need a Special Carrier for a Rabbit to Fly?

 Yes. Because Rabbits may have breathing issues when flying at higher altitudes and their nature to chew and gnaw, we recommend a pet carrier that is at least 4”/10 cm (10%) larger than your Rabbit, has at least 3 sided ventilation and a carrier that is not made of thin fabric. (1 size larger is using Standard Crate Sizing or 10% larger).  

Rabbits can have difficulty cooling off when playing, exercising, or if they are stressed or overheated.  They have difficulty breathing normally at higher altitudes. Their airway can actually collapse, either partially or completely, and cut off their airflow.

Rabbits are known to get heatstroke in hot temperatures, it’s very important to think about the ventilation when choosing a carrier.

Rabbits will urinate more often than Dogs and Cats and will not hold their need to go much-if at all.

  • One size larger Pet Carrier allows additional space recommended by Airlines
  • At least 3 Sided Ventilation allows the extra air flow Rabbits need.
  • Quality Pee pads are essential, too.

Airlines that accept Rabbits recommend you have an airline or IPATA approved flight pet carrier that is one size larger than the size for another pet of equal size. Purchasing a larger pet travel crate will help minimize the risks and allow proper ventilation. 

Many people will recommend against using a fabric carrier for pet rabbits. The reasoning is that the rabbit will quickly chew through the sides of any fabric material and get free. In theory, this is a reason to avoid the carriers, but I’ve found that this has never been a problem in practice.

I think it would actually take a rabbit a quite a bit of effort and take a long time to chew through the side of a fabric carrier. Most Pet Carriers are made with thick, durable material and are not easily ripped apart. In addition, rabbits tend to be too uncertain to make the effort to escape, but you know your rabbit than anyone.

Documents Needed for Moving or Flying with Pets Internationally

  • Microchip Certificate
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate
  • Health Certificate. For International Pet Travel, you may need more than 1 Health Certificate–Some transit countries require their own Certificates.
  • Rabies Titer Test results
  • Parasite Treatment certificate—Often Deworming
  • This is just a guide on what is required, please check the requirements for your specific airline and destination country at our page: Pet Passports and Pet Health Certificates.

How To Choose the Best Pet Carrier Size for Flying IN Cabin

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