Flying with a Service Animal

As of January 2021,to fly with Service Animals, Airlines may require that Service Animals must be Dogs, you must present a DOT Attestation form up to 48 hours in advance, fit in the seat footprint, remain on a leash and travelers are limited to 2 service Dogs, you may check-in online. What Proof or DocumentsContinue reading “Flying with a Service Animal”

HAWAII Pet Quarantine and How to Avoid IT

To fly with your pet to Hawaii, your pet needs a Health Certificate & Import Permit, Microchip, Rabies Vaccine, Rabies Titer Test, (excludes British Isles, Australia, Guam, New Zealand) and Tick Treatment.  Hawaii has quarantine requirements.  You pet may qualify for the 5-day or less release program.

Microchips for Pets-Everything You Need to Know for Travel

For travel with pets, most countries require a pet microchip. This is where a Veterinarian records your Pet’s vaccination and identification information including regular vaccinations, Rabies, Titer test results, name and description. Although the US has no law requiring microchips for identification, it is mandatory for most travel.

Transgender Travel with Pets Gets Easier

US State Department makes Travel Easier for Pet Parents Passports, that little blue book we US travelers hold so dear.  It holds all those coveted stamps from the countries we have traveled so far with the hope and goal to add so many more!  We use it as our primary, sometimes only Identification of whoContinue reading “Transgender Travel with Pets Gets Easier”

Can my ESA Become a Psychiatric Trained Service Dog for Airline Travel?

Yes, with proper training your ESA can become a Trained Service animal allowing your animal to travel in cabin free of charge. There are no certification requirements. Airlines cannot deny your service animal based on breed but they are allowed to restrict service animals to Dogs and deny boarding based on behavior.
Airlines recognize only Dogs as Service Animals.

Companion Pet Travel