Best Airline Pet Carriers for Large Dogs In Cabin

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So you are flying with your Doggo in cabin but, maybe they’ve put on a few pandemic pounds or maybe they have longer legs than other breeds or are snub-nose and need a bit more room to fit under the seat on a plane. 

These are the best In Cabin Pet Carriers for Large Dogs and Pets over 17lbs traveling on planes.

Who Needs a Larger In Cabin Pet Carrier for Flying with Dogs?

  • Dogs larger than 10″ in their carrier flying In Cabin on Airlines
  • Dogs that are comfortable in the carrier but can’t really stand up and turn around as Airlines require
  • Heavier Dogs or Cats that can travel in cabin but are at the maximum weight allowance for airlines
  • Snub-nose Breed Dogs and Cats (Brachycephalic)–for the extra ventilation they need
  • If you Travel On Board a Plane with 2 Pets in a Carrier like my 2 Kitties, Sophie and Chihiro.

Standard Size In Cabin Pet Carrier Does NOT Fit All Dogs!

The Standard Size for Pet Carriers In-Cabin on Airlines averages 22”Lx14”Wx 10”H and 8kg or 17lbs for your Pet. Soft-Sided Carriers are best for Airlines.

Since your carrier must be stowed under the seat at least for take-off and landing, having a compressible carrier for Dogs taller than 9″ high or heavier than 17lbs.

You Should Buy a Carrier Larger than the Airline Maximum

Airlines have their own maximum weight and height.

Finding the right carrier for a Dog that is over 17lbs or too tall to stand up and turn around comfortably is always the biggest issue when flying with large dogs in cabin.

Most airlines allow for up to 8 or 10 inches in height. This is the standard size for in cabin pet carriers.
A Pet Travel Carrier that compresses is the key! Compression is your friend!
I recently flew Southwest Airlines and La Compagnie Airlines with our 2 cats in cabin with the SturdiBag XL and Katziela bag and both worked perfectly for the extra space we need but still complying with the carrier dimensions.
And, I like the extra space when in hotels, in the airport and at my friends’ homes.

I always want to be sure that they will not be denied boarding when I check-in at the airline counter.

I have bought, traveled with and tested different bags over the last few years for my two cats, Sophie and Chihiro. Here are my 3 favorite (and affordable) Pet Carriers for Dogs that need more space.

1. SturdiBag XL Pet Carrier

  • “My Doggo is 28lbs! La Compagnie Airlines approved this carrier for our flight in March.”–Animal Travelers Reader on Facebook 2022
  • “I have used this for my two Cats Sophie and Chihiro on Southwest Airlines in 2021 and they both had plenty of room.”–Anne Travel, Companion Pet Travel.
  • Flexi-Height is the defining feature of this bag–the Curved, Flexible Top Allows for the Compression you need
  • Lightweight at 3.2lbs and is IATA approved
  • Allows Dogs to Stand Up and Turn Around but still fit under the seat for takeoff and landing
  • Comfortable for 2 Cats in the same carrier

“My Springer Spaniel fits in a regular carrier but her legs are long and she can’t really stand up and turn around and I chose the Sturdibag XL for Lufthansa and she was measured at the check in counter and we passed so, I reco the Sturdibag XL”

Animal Travelers Group–Facebook

2. Katziela Airline Approved Pet Carrier

  • Size: 22”longX14”highX13”wide
  • This is the Luxury Lorry style.
  • It fully complies with IATA and most airlines that allow larger pets in cabin.
  • This one compresses perfectly to fit underneath seats during takeoff and landing.
  • The curved, flexible wires on the top and the ventilation mesh that almost completely covers the top of the carrier compresses to fit into a 10″ high airline seat
  • The wheels are removable but great for use at your destination or for Vet visits

3. Maskeyon Airline Approved Pet Carrier

  • This is the most affordable of all the larger carriers I bought.
  • Size: 19.5″L x 12″W x 12″H
  • The additional 2-4″ are easily compressed to fit under the seat on a plane
  • Still, the additional space is more comfortable for taxis,hotels and at home
  • IATA approved

Now that you know you can find a comfortable pet carrier for your large dog or 2 pets, here’s the airlines that will fly large Dogs and multiple pets in cabin:

Flying a Large Dog In Cabin 2022

Airlines that Allow Snub-Nose Dogs and Cats In Cabin in 2022

Can I Buy a Seat on a Plane for My Dog?


AIRLINE, IN CABINMaximum Pet Carrier Size
Small Dogs, Cats,
Domestic Birds
Carrier Counts as
your Carry-On

Dog and Cats
1 Carrier per passenger.
Carrier may hold 2 animals:
Same Size/Same Breed.
Allows carrier and carry-on
Dogs and Cats
Pit-Bull Breeds prohibited
Allows carrier and a carry-on.
1 pet per carrier
Dogs and Cats
Carrier counts as your carry-on.
1 carrier per parent
Cats, Birds,
Rabbits, Guinea Pigs,
Dogs and Cats.
Dogs and Cats
1 Pet per carrier. 1 carrier
per parent.
Counts as 1 personal item
TURKISH Airlines
Dogs, Cats, Singing Birds.
Total Weight 18lb (carrier +pet).
Carrier is not counted
as your carry on
KLM Airlines
Dogs and Cats
Total Weight 18lbs
(carrier +pet).
Carrier is not counted
as your carry on
Dogs and Cats
Total Weight 18lbs
(carrier +pet).
Soft-sided carriers only
Carrier not counted
as carry on
Dogs and Cats
Total Weight: 22lbs/10kg (carrier+pet)

Dog or Cat
1 pet per passenger
Soft carriers only
Total lineal dimensions=45″/115cm
Hard=8″ Height
Soft=10″ Height
FlyBondi Airlines (South American Routes)14″Lx13″Wx9″H Chart of 14 Airlines for Pet Carrier Sizes for Pets In Cabin

Does the Airline Weigh or Measure my Dog at the Airport?

Sometimes. Airlines have discretion to weigh and measure both your Dog and carrier.  Lufthansa checks regularly, AeroMexico usually no. Agents will observe your Pet. If the Dog seems calm and comfortable or if they are very busy, the chances are less than that you will be subject to a weight check.