Can I Fly with 2 Pets In-Cabin?

Yes, Airlines that allow Two Pets Per Person In-Cabin are: JSX, JetBlue, Chartered Air Travel, Alaska and Spirit. For Pet Travel with these airlines, you buy the seat next to yours and your Pet can either sit in the floor space, travel in the same carrier under the seat or on your lap.

Chart of Airlines that Allow Multiple Pets Per Passenger In-Cabin

Airlines that Allow
2 Pets
In Cabin
Per Passenger
CostAllowances for
Pet Travel In-Cabin
1. JSX AirlineRegular Seat FareCats and Medium &
Large Dogs travel
In Cabin
In the Floor Space
of Your Seat
2. JetBlue AirExtra Seat Fare+$125
per Dog or Cat
Pet & carrier may be
on your lap during the
flight except for take off

and landing.
You can buy an
Extra Seat
3. Chartered Air
Travel with Pets
International Flights
from East Coast to
Europe: $7K -$10K
One luxury human seat
plus one large dog or 1-2
small to medium sized dogs
or cats
4. Alaska Air$100 each way per carrier
or Regular Seat Fare
+ $100 per carrier each way.
2 pets of the same species
and similar size in 1
You can buy the seat next to
yours but they must remain
under the seat.
5. Spirit Airlines$110 each way2 pets/same species
& similar size in 1
Max 40 lbs total Chart of Airlines that allow Two Pets Per Person In-Cabin

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1. JSX Airline

You can fly with two Pets In Cabin and buy the seat adjacent to yours (all business class) and your Large Dog will Travel with you In-Cabin for the price of the seat.

You’ll have even more leg room sharing two seats, too! Pet Travel with JSX Airlines and Your Large Dog In-Cabin flights are limited to the US only.

As The Points Guy said when he flew JSX Airlines: “Perks of departing from the private jet terminal include being able to show up just 20 minutes before your flight.

Instead of traditional TSA security, passengers are pre-screened and bags are swabbed for explosives.

There are also noninvasive systems, which screen for weapons and elevated body temperatures. There are minimal lines, no putting stuff in bins and no taking shoes off.”

Cost: Regular Seat Fare

Medium, Large and small Dogs
In Cabin will Travel on
the Floor Space Next to Your Seat

JSX Airlines Route Map for Flying Dogs 25 lbs. plus
JSX Airlines Route Map for Flying Dogs 25 lbs. plus

2. JetBlue Air

For Pet Travel with Multiple Pets In-Cabin with JetBlue Air, you can purchase an extra seat for your Pets. The carrier may be placed on the additional purchased seat during the flight except for take-off and landing. This can be invaluable for those Pets traveling that are more anxious or not used to flying In-cabin.

Also, you may hold the Pet with carrier on your lap during the flight except for take off and landing

Cost: Extra Seat Fare+$125 per Dog or Cat

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3. Chartered Air Travel with Pets

Pet Travel and Flying with Dogs In Cabin to and from Europe or the UK with Pets is complicated if cargo is not possible or not your preference.

Chartered private jets are expensive and only possible for most of us if shared with other travelers.

This group coordinates flights for travelers so they can fly with large Dogs In-Cabin. Pet Travel costs are expensive.

With Charted Air Travel with Pets, the cost is shared, chartered air transport a real possibility.

Cost Example: Expect to spend between $7K -$10K for a seat on a chartered jet from NY to Lisbon (shortest distance from US to EU).

  • Your seat will usually include one luxury human seat plus one large dog or 1-2 small to medium sized dogs on a flight designed for 10-14 people.
  • Each flight is unique and the group on the flight will agree on the rules of the flight.
  • You Can Travel with Your Large Dog In-Cabin, You have a luxury seat with more space for you and your Pets.
  • Less Customs Hassle. Sometimes, the Customs Agent greets you onboard and checking your documents in comfort and without lines and waiting.
  • Little Wait at the Airport and fast, easy boarding
  • VIP experience for Pet Travel
  • The same or Less Expensive than hiring a Pet Shipper
  • No Cargo or Checked Baggage for Your precious Pet.

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4. Alaska Air

Traveling with Multiple Pets is a bit more limited with Alaska Air and their 2 Pet Per Person policy.

You can bring 2 pets of the same species and similar size in the same pet carrier. You can buy the seat next to yours. If you purchase the seat next to you for the regular fare, a second pet can travel in another carrier. 

Your Dog or Cat cannot sit on the seat and must remain in the seat space in front of your extra seat.

Cost: $100 each way

5. Spirit Airlines

Dogs and Cats In Cabin on domestic flights only and to Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. The combined weight of the pet and its carrier can be up 40 pounds! If you have 2 Pets per Person, they can travel together if they are the same species.

The cost is $110 each way

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Flying with Multiple Pets FAQ

How to Fly with Multiple Pets?

Some airlines allow you to buy the seat next to yours and either the Pets share the same carrier, sit in the footprint of the extra seat, stay in the additional carrier under the seat or on the seat (except for take-off and landing). JetBlue, JSX, Chartered Air Travel, Alaska and Spirit, United and American.

Can My Dog Sit on My Lap During a Flight?

Yes, your Dog or Cat can sit on your lap in their carrier during a flight with JetBlue. Or without a carrier on JSX and Chartered Air Travel with Pets.

Can I Fly with My 2 Dogs in the Same Carrier?

Yes, on United Airlines, Southwest and American Airlines you can fly with 2 Pets in the same carrier.  You are allowed to have up to two Dogs or Cats in the same carrier if they are the same species.  Some will allow you to buy the seat next to you, but they must remain under the seat in front for the entire flight. 

Which Airlines Allow 2 Pets Per Carrier?

JetBlue, Alaska, Spirit, United and American Airlines allow 2 Pets Per Carrier. Most require Pets Traveling this way to be the same species, not yet weaned from their Mother or about the same size Dog or Cat. Some Airlines allow you to buy the seat next to you too! JSX JetBlue and Alaska Air.

How to Get Through TSA Security Check Point with Your Pet

Your pet must go through TSA Security. Some airports allow a private screening in a separate room so you can remove and replace your pet in a secure room.

You can either have your pet on a leash and walk them into the screener or carry your pet through.

Place your Bags, shoes first. Separate your pet food items and electronics in another bin.

Keep your lease/harness on the outside of the carrier. When you put your bags on the conveyor belt, you don’t want to scramble to get your leash.

TSA may ask you to remove their collar. Collars with metal such as clasps or Rabies Tags will be detected, and you may be subject to additional pat-down or inspection.
A Velcro-type harness works well instead of a collar with metal.

Put the carrier on the x-ray conveyor belt first so, it is ready when you get through security, and you don’t have to wait to put your pet back in its carrier.

Even for Cats that you intend to carry through, have a harness/leash on them. If you are picked for screening, often TSA Agents may not easily let you place your pet back in the carrier before your pat-down.

Working Canines are regularly at Security Check Points. Keep a leash handy even if you intend to carry your pet through an x-ray. Often, the presence of a working dog can scare or spook your pet.

What is the Standard Size for Airline Pet Carriers In-Cabin?

The Standard Size for Pet Carriers is 22”Lx14”Wx 9” and for Pets In-Cabin the average weight for your Pet is 8kg or 17lbs. Soft-Sided Carriers are best for Airlines. The top compresses 1 or 2 inches, giving you more options than a Hard-Sided carrier. The carrier must be stowed under the seat at least for take-off and landing.

Can I Bring Two Dogs or Two Cats on a Plane In-Cabin?

Yes, if your Dogs or Cats can share a carrier, if you buy the seat next to yours and your pet remains in their own carriers or the footprint (foot space) of the seat next to yours or on your lap. Airlines include: JSX, JetBlue, Alaska Air, Spirit and United Airlines.

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  1. Can we request a private secure room to check our 2 cats at security? They will be nervous and when they need to be removed from their carrier to be checked we wouldn’t want them to get away in the airport…!

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