Can I Fly With My Pet in 2023

The most important 3 policies airlines have for flying with pets are: Size, Breed and Length of flight.

There are other policies to fly with your pet including: carrier size, temperatures at the airports you fly from, to and through, whether you book a direct flight or book separate segments. We discuss all of these.

There are three ways to travel with your furry friend: In-Cabin, as Checked Baggage and in Cargo. Size and Breed determine which of these options your pet may travel on airplanes.

You will determine:

  1. Can Your Pet Travel In-Cabin, Checked Baggage or Cargo?
  2. What are the Restrictions on Pet Breed, Size and Weight?
  3. Are there Restrictions on the Length of the Flight or Weather Restrictions (See Too Hot to Fly my Dog in Cargo Or Checked Baggage?)
  4. What Paperwork is Required to Fly with my Pet (See Pet Passports and Health Certificates for Travel from US to the World)
  5. Research Airlines for Availability and Cost.
  6. Prepare Your Pet Carrier for Flying with Your Pet.

Can I Buy Extra Space or a Seat on a Plane for my Pet?

Yes, you can buy the seat next to yours on some planes for your Dog or Cat on JSX Airline, Chartered Air Travel with Pets, United Airlines, Alaska Air, JetBlue and WestJet. JXS, Chartered Air Travel with Pets and Westjet, your Pet must remain in the footprint of the floor space adjacent to your seat. Commercial planes, your Pets must be in a carrier under the seat.

For more information see, Can I Buy a Seat on a Plane for My Dog?

and, Flying a Large Dog In Cabin 2022


Cabin is physically with you at your seat–usually under the seat in front of you. The difference between checked and cargo is the protocol including the hold area.

Also, a checked pet is usually on the same flight as the passenger and cargo is if the pet is flying without someone.

In 2022, there are airlines that allow you to have your Pet at your feet, buy the adjacent seat and fly Snub Nose Dogs and Cats all In Cabin. You can find these airlines HERE:

BUY A SEAT for YOUR DOG OR CAT: Can I Buy a Seat on a Plane for My Dog?

AIRLINES THAT ALLOW LARGE DOGS IN CABIN: Flying with a Large Dog In Cabin in 2022

SNUB-NOSE DOGS AND CATS IN CABIN: Airlines that Allow Snub-Nose Dogs and Cats In Cabin in 2022

Pet Travel In-Cabin

Pets including small dogs, cats, and household birds, hamster, guinea pigs can fly In Cabin. If your animal fits comfortably, into an approved size carrier under the seat in front of you, there is availability for a space on the flight, and your pet does not display bad behavior, they usually can fly in cabin.

Most pets over 11” tall or over 15 pounds, unhealthy or too young are not likely to qualify. There are exceptions for Service Dogs and US Military and Foreign Service Officers flying with Pets.

Just because you can book your seat does not mean you have a spot for your pet. Most airlines only allow between 2 and 6 pets on each aircraft.

Search for and list what flights are available for your preferred routes and then contact the potential airlines by phone or Facebook and ask how many spots/slots are left available for pet travel in that cabin (Economy, Business ect.).

Usually, you must book your pet travel separately from your ticket and book directly with the airline. See our full guide on Booking Your Pet in Cabin.
Airlines are no longer are required to accommodate ESA’s and must travel as pets.

Book your seat and your pet’s spot directly. If you choose to book through a consolidator (Expedia, Kayak, Skyscanner ect), it is still the best practice to contact the airline directly to ensure a spot for your companion.

AIRLINES Allowing Pets IN CabinPet Crate Sizes for International FlightsPet Crate Sizes for DOMESTIC Flights
$125usd Each Way
17.6lbs Max w/ Carrier
Soft Sided Only
22″L x 16″W x 9″H
Soft Sided Only
22″L x 16″W x 9″H

$95usd Each Way
No Snub Nose
Pets Allowed
In Cabin

17.6lbs Max w/ Carrier
Each Way
$105usd Each Way

17″L x 11″Hx 7.5″W
17″L x 11″H x 7.5″W
15.5lbs Max w/ Carrier
Each Way
Sum Total (LxHxW=45″
Soft Max Height=10″
Hard Max Height=8″
Sum Total (LxHxW=45″
Soft Max Height=10″
Hard Max Height=8″
20lbs Max w/ Carrier
M-F Only for Int’l
17lbs Max
Europe, Russia &
Middle East=$60

Canada & US(Excluding
Yes -Except HI

8kg/17lbs w/ Carrier
Dogs Only
Aircraft E-145=
16″Lx12″Hx 7″W
All Other Aircraft=
19″Lx12″Hx 10″W

Aircraft E-145=
16″Lx12″Hx 7″W
All Other Aircraft=
19″Lx12″Hx 10″W
Dogs and Cats
Up to 33 lbs!
All Business Class
Limited Departure and Destinations
Cost: Fare is about 8k
Your Pet’s Fare is 10% of your Ticket Price
JSX Airlines
Snub Nose Dogs Up to 65 lbs! Cost: Regular Seat Fare
Medium and Large Dogs
In Cabin will be Travel on the Floor Space Next to Your
Seat–All Business Class-Limited Cities
Chartered Air Travel with Pets
Large Dogs Accepted and Encouraged.
No Weight, No Size Restrictions
Average of 5k to 8k
for International Flights
You Can Travel with Your
Large Dog In-Cabin, More
Room on an International
Flight with Less Custom Hassle and Little Wait at
the Airport
Dog Friendly Airlines for Pets IN CABIN 2022

Shared Charter Jet Groups are exploding and allow Large Dogs and Snub Nose Breeds In Cabin. This way of traveling is growing fast–no breed or size restrictions and although the cost is more than a commercial flight for pet flights, it is an option for us travelers that refuse to or cannot fly with pets in cargo.

Pet Travel In Checked Baggage (aka the Hold) or Cargo

Pets traveling who do not qualify to be In-Cabin, because of their breed or size (usually larger than 11″ or 15lbs, can fly in Checked Baggage. Pets flying in “Cargo” are usually larger than 75lbs or of what some consider an “aggressive breed.

Cargo areas for pets are temperature-controlled and are not treated a baggage. The carrier must be approved by the airline, DOT and TSA sets the standards and the airline sets their policies according to those standards.

To begin, the pet must be able to stand up and turn around comfortably, the carrier must be properly ventilated and meet sturdiness requirements.

Many airlines follow IATA, (International Air Transport Association), requirements for an approved carrier. See Pet Cargo Crate Requirements for Airlines-A Complete Guide

These include size of pet, ventilation, and construction material. Some airlines will rent a proper carrier; however, your pet will not be familiar with that environment.

Most airlines limited the duration of each segment of the flight to 11 or 12 hours or less. You must book your trip with the same airline and its partners when you have more than 1 segment.

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Pet Cargo Crate Requirements for Airlines-A COMPLETE Guide

Pet Travel Crate Ready for Flight
Image of a Large Dog Travel Crate Ready for Trave

Difference between Checked Baggage, Cargo and Manifest cargo when Flying with Pets

Logistics! All animals flying in either checked baggage, cargo or manifest cargo all travel in the same compartment on the aircraft–Cargo.

The difference is: Size and Breed of Dog or Cat Restrictions whether you are flying on the same flight as your pet (or within 5 days) and where you hand over your pet to the airline. Checked Baggage=at the ticket counter, Cargo=at the cargo area.

  • Pet Travel as Checked Baggage-You bring your pet to the ticket or special reservation counter, in their carrier, they may be weighed, checked for any signs of ill health, their crate is tagged or scanned and are then given to the airline personnel at the counter.
  • You are traveling on the same flight as your pet.
  • Pet Travel as Cargo-Pets too large to fly in-cabin or of a certain breed, often snub nose breeds, you bring your pet to the cargo area, they will be weighed with their carrier and wait in the holding area for transfer to the aircraft.
  • Pet Travel as Manifest Cargo-larger pets and pets not flying with their companion or handler, usually through a pet shipper, fly as manifest cargo.
  • All countries accept pets shipped via manifest cargo. This way provides more options for moving your pet. It is much more expensive;however, you have many more options for airlines and routes.
  • Also, you can arrange your flights separate from your pets. It can be difficult to schedule everybody on the same flight or within 5 days of each other, so manifest cargo allows more options.

You may be interested in our guides on How to Book your Pet in Cabin or Pet Cargo Crate Requirements for Airlines-A Complete Guide.

How Much Does it Cost to Fly with a Pet?

The cost to Fly with a Pet In-Cabin is between $25 and $200usd. Pets flying in Cargo is between $125 and $400usd. Shared Charter Pet Flights average $3k-5k Domestic and $5k-$9k for International Pet Flights.

Most airlines allow Service Dogs to fly free. A few airlines allow your pet to fly as a carry-on for free, but most charge a fee

RESTRICTIONS on Flying with Pets By COUNTRY and Length of Flight

Each Country has their own Pet Import Laws as well as the policies of the Airline you are considering.

Just because you can board in the US doesn’t mean you can enter another country with your pet. For cargo or pets as checked baggage, most US airlines restrict the length of travel to under 12 hours, there are restrictions as to breed, size, weight, and behavior.

Preparing your Dog or Cat for their Flight 

Once you know if and how your pet can travel, you can choose your airline and begin preparing for the trip with a health check-up, vaccinations, and selection of an approved carrier and supplies.  See How to Prepare a Pet Crate for Air Travel Inside and Outside.

Next see our Step-by-Step Guides for how to import your pet on our Pet Passport Page.