Can I Bring Pet Food On An Airplane

Follow the TSA 3-1-1 Rule. There are stricter limits on “wet” than “dry” food. “Moist” food=dry food. Try Moist Pouches and dehydrated food. No exception for prescription food or food for Service Dogs. Separate pet food from your bags at the check point.

How to Prepare a Pet Crate for Air Travel

These 11 items are essential for a properly equipped Pet Crate for travel in Cargo or Checked Baggage

Extreme Temperature Restrictions for Pets on Airlines

Yes, airlines often prohibit or cancel existing bookings for pets flying in cargo or checked baggage hold when temperatures at the airport are, or expected to be, above 29C/85F or below 7C/45F. 

Should I Sedate My Dog to Fly?

You have many options to calm your pet before and during travel.  Most compel you to begin well before the trip.  This guide shows you all your options: