Cost of Pet Health Certificates for Travel—Prices from Actual Travelers  

Pet Travel Heath Certificate

How Much Do Pet Health Certificates Cost?–with Prices from Real Travelers in 2022: 

The Cost of a Pet Health Certificate is between $30 and $400 depending on location and number of certificates. You can have up to 5 animals on your Certificate and you may need multiple certificates even if you are transiting Internationally through countries. Actual Costs of Pet Health Certificate from Travelers:

  • New York City  “I paid $350 for a USDA certified health certificate in New York a week ago with my local vet”. “I paid around 700 for both certificates in NYC”
  • Smaller Town Traveler reports: “I paid $75 for my dog in October small town”
  • Atlanta “My vet in Atlanta charged $260/certificate. My parent’s vet outside of the city charged $60/pet.
  • Boston: “Mine for one cat was $400 ($200 for each International Certificate) plus additional for mailing. It was also in downtown Boston”
  • British Columbia CA “My vet is charging us $20 CAD for each certificate in BC”
  • Los Angeles:  “$185 for certificate + $70 for vet evaluation”
  • Austin Texas:  “My health certificate for one dog cost $75 plus the $38 [USDA] endorsement fee”
  • Colorado: $403 total. Colorado State University Veterinary Hospital. The USDA portion of the fee for the International Pet Health Certificate to South Korea was $323. The Rabies Titer Test cost $214. This is in addition to the pre-paid FedEx label to expedite the Certificate back to him.
  • Dripping Springs Texas: Health Certificate was $180 for the Veterinarian Fee.

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What is the Cost to the USDA/APHIS for a Health Certificate and Rabies Titer Test?

In addition to the Cost your Vet charges for the Pet Certificate, there is an additional is $38usd fee to the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to endorse the Certificate.  This amount is paid to the US Gov’t. through the Vet you choose.

For countries that require a rabies titer or blood tests, there is an additional cost of between $121.00 and $173.00usd per pet depending on the number of tests or non-rabies vaccinations. (1-2 will be $121.00 | 3-6 will be $150.00 | 7 or more will be $173.00).

Additional pets included on the same form are between $7.00 and $14.00usd.

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Tips: How to Get A Pet Health Certificate from the US

How Long Does it Take to Get a Pet Health Certificate? 

Your Pet’s veterinarian should submit your Certificate for endorsement electronically to the USDA/APHIS System (VEHCS system, Vet Export Health Certificate system) at the the appointment

The USDA/APHIS systems takes between1-3 Business days to process.

You should include payment of an Overnight delivery fee.  If you pay this fee, the USDA/APHIS will “overnight” the certificate back to you via USPS, FedEx or DHL.

Most countries require the Pet Health Certificate be issued within 10 days of your Pet’s Travel.

How to Get Your International Pet Health Certificate Faster

You can choose ANY USDA Veterinarian. You do not have to choose the one close to you, your home or your Veterinarian.

Many Pet Parents have to drive to another city to catch their International Flight.

If you are driving to another city after your Vet appointment to catch your flight you can have your Vet upload the documents into the VEHCS system to ANY Vet close to your departure.

TIP:  Consider having your certificate sent to your Veterinarian or other business.  FedEx, DHL and USPS prioritize business deliveries over residential deliveries. 

Having the certificate sent to a business can save a day or two.  Given that your certificate must be issued within 10 days of arrival to your destination, one day even hours can make the difference and relieve stress.

For all the detailed information you need for the specific country you are traveling to see my Step-by-Step guide at Pet Passports and Pet Health Certificates,

The costs breakdown charged by USDA/APHIS are Cost to Endorse Your Pet’s Health Certificate

How Long are Pet Health Certificates Valid for? 

Most countries allow for each Pet Health Certificate to be valid for entry within 10 days of the date of issue.  

The Certificate is usually valid for 4 months from the date of issue.

You can visit your Veterinarian up to about 30 days in advance of travel and have your Vet wait until the week before your Pet Travel to submit the Pet Health Certificate to USDA/APHIS.

If your Pet Travel includes a stop, stayover or sometimes even a layover in another country before your final destination, you may need a Pet Health Certificate for that country. In this case, you can obtain the first certificate where your travel begins and make an appointment in the 2nd country to obtain a health certificate for the final destination.

Example, travel to England/UK. You cannot enter England with your pet In-Cabin. Many pet parents do not want their Pets in Cargo or Checked Baggage. So, they fly to France with their Dog or Cat In-Cabin and take a Pet Taxi to England.

Because they are not transiting in the airport, these Pet Travelers will need a Pet Passport for both France and England.

Here, you would obtain the Pet Health Certificate to France in the US (departure country) and obtain the Pet Health Certificate to England while in France. With an appointment you can do this in a day or two.

You would do this to accommodate the short validity of the Pet Health Certificate of 10 days.

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Pet Health Certificates for Pet Travel to Multiple Countries 

In many European countries, the group of documents allowing a Pet to travel is called a Pet Passport.

What is a US Pet Passport?

If you are traveling to or through another country before your final destination, you may need more than one Pet Health Certificate.

If you are staying in the airport for your connecting flight to your final destination, you usually are considered “transiting”.  In this case, you will only need the certificate for the destination country.

If you are leaving the airport, flying out another day, traveling to your final destination by another method such as train, ferry or car, you will not be considered transiting.  This is a stop over and you will need a certificate for the both the interim country and the final destination.

It is a good practice to have an appointment with a Veterinarian locally in the Country you are traveling through. 

Example. US to England through France (why would you do this? It’s faster, cheaper and England does not allow you to bring your Pet In Cabin. See Flying Your Pet to England UK? (Options for Dogs In-Cabin 2022)!

See Also, Layovers with Pets at the Airport for more information on if you can see your Pet during a long layover.

Duplicate Certificates should not cost double! Some Veterinarians will try to charge you twice.

I would be okay with this if there was some additional expertise required or time or technology.  This is not the case.  There is literally only one change—the country name.  

Ex. Pet Travel to England through France 

Your Pet will need a France and an England Health Certificate. Do not pay Double for two Pet Health Certificates. There is literally only 1 change–the country name.

Low Cost Pet Health Certificate Veterinarians

Where to find low cost Veterinarians for Pet Health Certificates and Vaccinations.? 

If you have access to a Military Veterinarian, they are almost always great to work with and are experienced in Pet Travel and importing Pets to many countries including the Pet Health Certificates. 

Also, fees are often less expensive at your local Animal Shelters. 

TIP: You can have more than 1 Dog or Cat or other Pet on a single health certificate. You can have up to 5 animals per Certificate.

What is a US Pet Passport?

A US Pet Passport includes the documents showing your Pet is fit and healthy to travel. You will need a Pet Microchip, Vaccination, Rabies (& possibly a Titer test), Parasite treatment(s) and a Health Certificate issued by a Veterinarian and sometimes endorsement by USDA/APHIS.

What Documents are Included in a Pet Passport?

  1. A Pet Health Certificate
  2. An Endorsement of the Health Certificate from USDA/APHIS
  3. Rabies Vaccination
  4. Pet Microchipping Documentation
  5. Rabies Titer Test Results showing the vaccine is effective
  6. Parasite Treatment including Tapeworm or Screwworm
  7. Additional Vaccines (Dogs: Coronavirus, Lyme Disease, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Canine Influenza Cats: FeLV,  Feline Chlamydia, Feline Immunodeficiency (FIV))
  8. Some Countries Require an Import Permit/License
  9. For Endangered Species, a CITES Permit

See the full Step-by-Step Guide for the Country you are traveling to at Pet Passports and Pet Health Certificates

Bottom Line:

How Much Do Pet Health Certificates Cost to Travel?

The average cost of a Pet Travel Health Certificate is between $30 and $400 depending on location and number of certificates. New York City average cost is $350usd and Austin Texas is $75. There is a $38 fee to the USDA/APHIS to endorse your Veterinarian’s Certificate.

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  1. Hello! whoever got the pet health certificate in los angeles for 185 + evaluation, would you mind sharing where you got it done? My vet charges $500 for it!!!! tks!!

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