Flying with Your Pet: 13 Things You Need to Know

You have so much to plan when flying with your pet. Here are 11 Things you may not have thought of yet when traveling with your Pet.

1. Flying with Your Pet. Can the airline deny my dog boarding the plane?

Yes. Airline staff will observe your Pet’s behavior. Airlines have the right to have you and your pet removed from a flight, or to deny you and your pet boarding, if your Pet behaves aggressively towards others.2. Where are the best pet relief areas at the airport?

2. Where are the best pet relief areas at the airport?

Usually before you go through security. Before the stress hits your pet of all the traffic and new noises, find the pet relief area and let them out of the carrier. The pet relief areas after you cross security are often small and smelly.

3. Why won’t my pet eat, drink or poop at the airport?

Stress! They will be very thirsty when they see you. When you land and have Wifi again, and while waiting to disembark, find the closest pet relief area to where you will pick up your pet; either cargo or at baggage claim. It is likely your Pet will not eat during their flight. This is almost always due to stress and as long as they have comforting toys, blankets treats, they will probably be just fine not to eat. Also, if they do not eat, there is less chance they will soil their flooring or bedding. Rest assured, they will eat and drink when they are reunited with you.

4. Can Airport TSA Dogs/Sniffer Dogs Smell My Edibles?

Yes, if the Dog is trained to do so. Most Airport TSA Dogs are trained to detect marijuana. Since recreational and medicinal marijuana is legal in a number of states in the US, it may not be an issue. Also, TSA Dogs are predominantly trained to sniff for explosives and for organisms that could introduce an invasive species into a foreign ecosystem.

5. Does My Pet Go Through the Xray at Airport TSA?

Pets do not go through the x-ray for baggage. When you reach security, you may be pulled aside, asked to remove your pet from its carrier and send the carrier through the x-ray machine. You and your pet will walk through security together and then you can place them back in the carrier. Make sure you have a leash with you.

6. Pet Travel, What is the difference between Checked Baggage/Hold and Cargo?

The difference between checked and cargo when flying your Pet is the protocol for where you drop off/pick up your pet and where your pet will be held before, after and during any layovers.

Fewer Airlines are booking pets as checked baggage, but all Pets will travel in the same temperature-controlled and pressurized cargo compartment.

Also, a checked pet is usually on the same flight as the passenger and cargo is used if the pet is flying without you or is too large for checked baggage.

7. TIP: Don’t forget to check for pet-friendly transportation at your destination. Uber, Lyft and Grab all have pet-friendly transport, but you have to let them know you have a pet when you book.

7. What is the Easiest Pet Vacation to Take from the US?

Definitely, Mexico! Mexico is pet-friendly. You can drive or fly. Mexico is close so the flight or drive time will be shorter than most destinations. There is no additional Vet/USDA paperwork for your Pet to join you beyond what the US requires. Mexico vacations are very affordable.

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8. Will I have to Pay an Additional Pet Fee if I have a Connecting Flight?

If you booked your itinerary flights separately you will have to physically transfer your Pet to the next airline for your connecting flight. If you booked your travel with one airline and their partners, your Pet will be transferred to the connecting flight by the airline and airport staff. This factor also plays into whether you can visit your Pet.
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9. High Risk Rabies Country, How Does the Airline or Immigration Know if My Pet has Been in a CDC Banned Country?

The Airlines and Immigration or Border Control have a lot of discretion in making this determination. If they question where your Pet has been in the last 6 months, likely they will check your passport first and assume your Pet has been with you during that time.

If someone claims they just adopted or purchased their Pet, likely you will have to provide some proof of this event.

The officer may request to see the Pet’s vaccination record or check their microchip and see if they where they were last inoculated or dewormed.

10. Can I fly with My Dog Over 20lbs In Cabin?

Yes. You can fly with a Dog over 20lbs In-Cabin from US to Europe on La Compagnie Airline, a Boutique, All Business Class Airline. Up to 33lbs! The cost for your Dog is 10% of your ticket cost. Average cost of a Roundtrip Ticket, New York to Paris, is $3,000. Your Dog’s cost would be $300. See

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11. Can I Fly with my Dogs CBD Oil or Edibles?

Mostly, No. Bringing any cannabis product with more than 0.3 percent THC on an aircraft is against federal law. However, even though federal regulations trump all others while airline passengers are beyond a TSA checkpoint, the laws are changing rapidly. Check the laws of your departure and arrival cities, as well as their airports and airlines that you plan to use to know exactly what the situation will be.

12. I’m Flying with My Pet In-Cabin, Can I Choose My Seat?

Yes, with Limits. You must contact the airline directly to choose your seat–not online. Airlines restrict what seat position you may choose: No exit or bulkhead seats and aisle or window may be restricted.

Flying with a Dog over 18lbs In Cabin to Europe?

  • Dogs or Cats up to 33lbs can Fly In Cabin with You on La Compagnie Airlines
  • Flights from New York to Paris, Nice, Milan, Tel Aviv, Faro, Naples, Pisa, Toulouse, Rome
  • La Compagnie Airlines is a great alternative to the 8kg/18lbs pet weight limit on most airlines
  • Your Pet’s Flight Cost is 10% of Your Ticket Price
  • You Can Book up to 48 hours In Advance Online or by Phone
  • You Can Only Book a Flight for 1 Pet In Cabin Per Person
  • Pet Must be at Least 16 weeks old, vaccinated (Pet Passport or Health Certificate required)
  • Only 3 Pets Per Flight

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