Travel with Dogs–Give the Gift Pet Parents Actually Want!

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Give a Pet Travel Gift Card

Giving a gift of Pet Travel for all or even any part of your loved one’s is easy with gifts for Trains, Planes or Hotels staycations, vacations or weekend getaways with Pets!

1. Gift of Pet Friendly Train Travel

Take Amtrak train travel with a Gift Card from Amazon for example.  I love skipping the hassle of driving—especially with the cost of gas this year! 

Amtrak has a lovely Cascades route through Oregon and Washington that includes Seattle, Portland, and Eugene—and all with a dedicated Pet coach!


Skip traffic. Save the Gas. Take a scenic train trip with a Pet along for the ride. Enjoy the observation car as you speed along to your destination.

  • No fees.
  • Amtrak Miles Never expire! You can plan as far ahead as you want-one days or years!
  • You can Email or send your Pet Travel Gift Card through the mail or with a Card to wrap.
  • Use the Gift Card for travel online, in the app, by phone or even at the station.
  • Amtrak Pet Tickets are just $26
  • An Amtrak gift card from Amazon goes a long way to making that scenic getaway of Pet Travel a reality.

For a Great Train Travel with Pets Ideas, see Plan your Travel with Pets by Train instead of Airlines.

2. Make that Vacation Possible with a Pet Friendly Airline Gift Card

Your airline gift card will pay for the whole flight or help offset the cost of a longer trip, and because the miles never expire, your Pet traveler has plenty of time to plan–as if they haven’t already been planning…

If they don’t like train travel, Airline gift cards are a great option—especially one that never expires—it’s just the ticket! Delta, Lufthansa, SouthWest–anyone you choose!

An airline gift card from Amazon can pay for the whole pet flight or help offset the cost— miles never expire so you have plenty of time to plan a Pet Adventure

Anne Travel–full time traveler–sometimes with my kitties

Southwest, Lufthansa, Canada Air Delta–they’re all available at Gift Cards

See All the Pet Friendly Airlines at The 11 Cheapest Airline Pet Fees: 2022

No matter who they are, or where they decide to go, they’ll love your thoughtfulness in giving the gift of Pet Travel.

A Gift Card from Amazon with a Winter scene
Wave at Santa’s reindeer as they go flying by your plane window

3. Every Pet Parent traveler needs a Pet Friendly Hotel.

When they arrive at their destination, ready to relax they can use your generous gift toward a Hotel or Airbnb stay—one that caters to Dogs and Cats while they enjoy a new scene.

Give the gift of pet travel and you’ll always be remembered as the one who made that Instagram vacay possible, that train ride to San Francisco with their Pup memorable, or that family gathering possible. 

CondeNast Pet Traveler

I have been a member of for 3 years and have over 150 hotel bookings in the last 2 years—a gift of a or Airbnb gift card through Amazon. com—that never expire is just what transforms desires into reality. There are many hotels and vacation homes, not only accept pets but cater to them. 

See all Pet Friendly Getaway Hotels in All 50 States

For Example, the Kimpton Hotel chain is one of the best—certainly a treat for Pets and Pet Parents but still reasonably priced for your gift budget.

Kimpton Hotels Lobby with Labrador Dog lounging on a couch
Kimpton Hotels cater to Pets with a number of Amenities

You’ll always be fondly remembered as the one who gave them a great trip with their furry friend—the gift the gives and gets!

You don’t have to be responsible for the entire trip for the gift to be very special!

Your gifting a part of the expense of the travel makes their dream of Pet travel a reality and they get to plan it for themselves with no expiration dates.

Much better to make a flexible contribution to be used anytime they are ready. 

Give yourself something! An early gift for you and your Pet

What are you really dreaming of this Christmas?  A bit of adventure, relaxation, a new view to work from?

A vacation or workcation with your furry friend is just what you need and a can give your Pet for the holidays.

  1. AirbnB has gift cards that do not expire
  2. Southwest Airlines miles never expire
  3. Delta Airlines is very pet friendly too!
  4. gift card give flexibility for Pet Friendly Stays
  5. Amtrak Gift of Travel cards are a great way to travel & with a Pet Ticket at only $26—your furry friend can go with you!

Pick up a Gift Card through and give the budding adventurer a jump-start on their trip or help that frequent traveler begin to bring their furry friend with them this time and check off destinations from their bucket list.

A little Black Pug on a Red Pillow

It could even work to your advantage–encourage your favorite travel buddy or add it to your own wish list and drop the hint to your friends and family.

I always want to go beyond a piece of luggage or tech stocking stuffers as a gift. Travel experiences lead us all to such a greater level of happiness than material goods.

Cheers to Pet Travel with a Gift Card from Amazon!