More Pet Parents are Flying with Dogs by Private Jet

The idea of flying with Pets by private charter flight might seem out of reach.

Pet parents who either refuse or cannot fly their fur babies in Cargo, are choosing another option– to share a private Jet.

For relocation or vacation flying with your Pet In Cabin on a private plane may be necessary!

Instead of hiring the entire plane as the wealthy and some social media influencers do, Pet Parents are booking seats along with other Pet Parents on private jets at a much more affordable cost.

aboard G6 Aviation Pet Travel Flight
Image: Trifonova aboard G6 Aviation Pet Travel Flight

The need to relocate for work or long-term travel, especially international from east coast USA to Europe makes private flight-sharing an option.

Pet parents can now split the costs of a jet charter either with friends or strangers.

Why travel with your Pet on a shared private plane:

  1. No waiting in long lines at the airport. You have a private gate and you arrive 30 minutes early for your flight—not hours before your flight!
  2. No weight restrictions for Pets–chubby Pugs and Pit bulls are welcome!
  3. No size restriction—no shoving your loved-one under the seat in front of you in an already cramped seat.
  4. No breed restrictions—snub-nose (brachycephalic) Pit Bulls and Pekingese travel like they should–absolute acceptance!.
  5. Your Dog or Cat or Pet does not have to endure the Cargo hold.
  6. First-class service from start to finish–private gates, larger floor space and comfortable seats!
  7. You can buy space for any number of Pets.  So, no making multiple trips to bring your family together. You can bring your Cat, Dog and Rabbit on one flight!
  8. No crowded seats—they’re all first class with wide aisle for comfort!
  9. Your Pet has more freedom to stretch their legs and roam around a little instead of being crated on a commercial flight.
  10. In this time of mass flight cancelations, private pet flights are far more reliable than commercial airlines.
  11. No temperature or pressure issues—no embargoes! They fly in cabin with you.
  12. No separation anxiety from being separated from you in a dark environment—they will be with you in cabin, right by you and can even move around and meet other Pet Parents and pups.
  13. Plus, you and your Pet won’t wait in long lines at the airport and have to stress with the hassle of the airport. You use private terminals and arrive 30 minutes before your boarding time.
  14. This means that you don’t have to find baggage claim or line up check-in.
  15. You pass through security with speed and privacy. This takes a lot of stress off your Pet and makes the entire process much smoother and easier.

Private Jet with Pets Options

1. Pet Parents on Facebook Groups such as Chartered Air Travel with Pets

There are Groups on Facebook and other social media that work together to cut out the middle man, share information on their Pet Travel departure and destination, choose a date and then contract DIRECTLY with a private jet company.

These Pet Parents provide their route and month of departure, and others who are looking for the same or similar route join other like-minded travelers with Pets and cut out the middle man.

Then, they contract the Private Jet company the group has found available for that route, combine their funds spreading the cost among those who join the flight to make the cost of sharing a Private Jet exclusively for Pets cost-effective.

Dogs, Cats and other Pets fly In Cabin sharing cabin with other passengers and their Pets.

Private Jets Pet Travel is typically offered on smaller 10- to 30-passenger planes flying domestic and international routes.

The most popular routes are from New York to Europe, either France, Italy or Spain.  But there are groups that focus on South American travel and Asian countries.

JSX airlines is very Pet Friendly for Pet travel in the US
JSX airlines is very Pet Friendly for Pet travel in the US

2. JSX Airlines

JSX routes connect several California hubs, including Burbank, Concord, Los Angeles, Monterey, Orange County, Oakland, and San Diego.

The airline also flies to Reno-Tahoe, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, and Houston and more recently added Miami and Westchester County in New York to its roster.

JSX is by far one of the most affordable options for semi-private pet friendly travel.  They offer one-way fares starting as low as $200 on a 30-seat aircraft, which includes up to two checked bags, snacks and drinks and concierge service onboard.

JSX passengers and their pets can valet their vehicles and arrive for the flight just 30 minutes before takeoff.

Fast and non-invasive, private security precedes your visit to the VIP lounge followed by business class amenities on a 30-seat semi-private jet with free snacks and drinks and 2 free checked bags.

3. Fly Your Pet.VIP

If you are traveling with your Pet around the US, Fly Your offers not only first-class pet travel, a veterinary nurse is aboard every single flight. Trips that could take days of driving now takes only hours.

Routes include: New York, Chicago, South Florida

They operate out of private terminals only so you avoid airport crowds and you stay with your pet pre boarding and then they are safe in a crate on board until arrival. Pets are never placed in cargo or checked baggage.

  • Pull up to our private terminal 45-minutes before the flight.
  • Stay with your pet until boarding.
  • A few hours later, a happy reunion!

G6 Aviation Pet Friendly Flight
Image: Trifonova aboard G6 Aviation Flight

4. G6 Aviation

G6 Aviation is an boutique broker and flies Pets with access to 3,500 aircraft globally. Fly from your local airport to any global destination.

Pet parents and their pets enjoy the huge benefits of private jet charter during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring safe and stress free travel for themselves, family, and employees.

They have exclusive use of a private terminal provides the ultimate experience in social distancing. Arrive just 30 minutes before your departure and walk directly onto the aircraft.

You don’t buy a memberships like rich folks but you get the benefits of one-off private jet travel.

You will need to be much more flexible on your departure dates and locations but, if you can do that, you buy a seat just like with commercial airlines.

International Pet Travel from the East coast USA to Europe are the most popular destinations.

New Jersey or New York to Spain, Amsterdam, Ireland or France (and then on to England by Ferry or Pet Taxi) are the most popular international pet travel flights and cost 7 to 10k per trip.

If you are traveling internationally with your Pet, you will likely need a Pet Health Certificate prepared. You can find complete instructions and links to government help HERE

Why charter a seat on a private jet flight for you and your Dog, Cat or any Pet?

When the Commercial Airlines prohibit your Pet from flying in cabin and you must fly your Pet in Cargo or Checked Baggage

Can I Buy a Seat on a Private Jet for My Dog?

Anyone can buy a spot on a private jet for their pet — there are no hidden restrictions or secret clubs you need to be a part of. Buying a seat on a private jet is similar to buying a seat for any other kind of commercial transportation.

If these options for a semi private pet friendly jet are still not affordable, there are still option. See my other articles on Airlines that Fly Large Dogs In Cabin

Is it traumatic to fly my Dog in Cargo?

Flying can be a stressful experience for your dog. It removes them from comfortable and familiar surroundings, then forces them into a situation with loud noises, bright lights, thousands of people, changes in air pressure and cabin temperature, and a limited ability to use the bathroom.

Is it safe to fly with my Dog?

Travel with Pets by Plane can be a traumatic experience for your Pet, especially if you put them in cargo.

This is the number one reason why pay extra for a seat on a private jet.  They join you in the plane cabin and enjoy much more room, right at your seat.

So your calming presence will keep them comfortable, they don’t need to suffer separation anxiety, confusion And more, your Dog can move around the cabin and turn the experience into something enjoyable while you can meet other Pet Parents.

It’s safe to say that most people assume that Private Jet Pet Travel is too expensive, or too unnecessary a luxury.

There are still more options:  try LaCompagnie airlines–they accept larger dogs in cabin, —see all at “Can I Buy a Seat on a Plane for My Dog?

There are even more options to fly with your pet. I have researched and written about buying a seat on a plane for your Dog here