Pet Friendly San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This UNESCO historic city is well-preserved, quaint, and the weather is great and it’s ideal for a pet friendly trip in easy reach from the US.  It’s very walkable and affordable. Here it is easier to find a restaurant that doesn’t allow pets than to list those that do.  My home is very Pet-Friendly!  No wonder it won the Conde Nast “Best Small City in the World” award for 2020, 2018, 2017 AND 2021!

Flying is the best way to get to SAN MIQUEL de ALLENDE with Your Pet

There is no quarantine for healthy Pets to travel to Mexico.

IF entering from US or Canada there is no longer a requirement for a Health Certificate.  You pet will be examined upon arrival in Mexico.  If it is deemed health, it may enter.

IF entering from other countries, the owner must present duplicate (Original and Copy) of a Health Certificate.  The Certificate must be on the Veterinarian’s Letterhead with contact info., license number, name and address of owner, physical description of the pet and state that your pet is free of any contagious disease, printed (not hand-written).

The three closest Airports to San Miguel de Allende are:

  1. Guanajuato International Airport (BJX), a 1.5-hour drive from San Miguel de Allende.
  2. Queretaro Airport (QRO) is 1 hour drive
  3. Mexico City, (MEX), Benito Juarez International Airport is a lovely 3.5 hours ride away. 

Once You Arrive at the Airport:

When you arrive, travel by Bus/Shuttle to San Miguel.  Contact Primera Plus, ETN or my favorite for reliability and price BajioGO

Pet Friendly Hotels in San Miquel de Allende Closest to City Center

There are so many pet-friendly hotels in San Miquel de Allende. I will not show you the most expensive. I walk by those beautiful hotels and their location is just not worth the extra dinero!  These are AFFORABLE and close to the Center of Town (Centro)


  • PETS WELCOME: Cats and Dogs
  • Address: 32 San Francisco, San Miquel de Allende (steps from the center of town)


  • PETS WELCOME: Dogs and Cats
  • FEES/DEPOSIT: $10usd per night, per pet
  • AVERAGE COST PER ROOM: $100-150usd per night
  • Address: Cuna de Allende 11, Zona Centro (city center):


  • FEES/DEPOSIT: $40usd per night, per pet
  • ALLOWANCES/RESTRICTIONS: Small and Medium sized Dogs
  • Address: Quebrada 101 Downtown,


  • Address: 21 Diez de Sollano y Davalos Zona Centro


  • PETS WELCOME: Cats and Dogs
  • ALLOWANCES/RESTRICTIONS: up to 33lbs (specific rooms only)
  • AVERAGE COST PER ROOM: $150-320usd
  • Address: 34 San Francisco Centro

TIP:  Wifi can be spotty in hotels and villas.  Walls in this historic Colonial city are often a foot thick making browsing while relaxing after a long day a bit of a problem.  Most cafes and restaurants have reliable wifi.

Pet Friendly San Miquel de Allende City Center

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Where to Eat, Drink and People Watch in San Miguel with Your Dog

So many restaurants and cafes are pet friendly. With so many places having open air dining it’s not hard to find many dining options to include your furry companion. It’s harder to find restaurants that do not allow pets than it is to find pet-friendly.  San Miguel is very pet-friendly.

For Dinner: Café Rama Nemecio Diez No. 7, this cafe is super trendy, has an organic menu, it is a funky outdoor establishment that has Pop Art decor and of course… it’s pet friendly!

For Lunch:  Luna de Queso. Josephina Orozco 10.  Part gourmet grocery and part café.  They have items here that you cannot find anywhere else in San Miguel and they have a dog bar by the front door that serves water and snacks. Cheerful servers will take your order inside, and bring your items to the table outside.

For Coffee:  Geek and Coffee, Calz de la Aurora.  Not only do they have a large grass lawn for your furry friends to enjoy, they have great wifi, many connections and offer tech support all with coffee and a lunch menu.

For Dessert: San Augustin Chocolates and Churros, Calle San Francisco  21. Best Churros and Hot chocolate, even lunch in town and very close to the Jardin.  So many toppings to choose from, you’ll have to visit more than once.

For best Enchiladas:  Juan’s Café, 37 Relox. Great little café, very artsy, very homey, great service for a great price (40-230 pesos), outdoor and indoor seating, bring your fur baby for the short walk from the centro.

Getting Around in San Miguel de Allende with Your Pet

  • Bus.  Allows smaller pets and the local commuter buses are only 8 pesos each way (.40 cents usd) and run all over the major routes in the city.
  • Uber and Taxi. Uber app works here, and many accept pet, just ask for a ride that allows your pet.  Taxis are waiting around town, agree upon the price before you get in, few taxis have meters.  A lot of visitors and expats walk where they want to go and only need an Uber or taxi back after a long day of seeing the sights.  Especially if you chose a hotel not in Centro or the flatter areas of town.  If your hotel is up the hill a bit, Uber and Taxis will cost about $3usd.
  • Walking.  San Miguel is very walkable.  Though San Miguel has many steep hills to climb, a significant part, popular with retirees, is fairly flat.
  • TIP:  Bring sturdy shoes, the cobblestones along many streets can be hard with heels or flip-flops.  And many of the sidewalks are quite narrow.

Services for Your Pet in San Miguel de Allende

  1. WOOW GUAU pet supply and accessory store close to Centro on Mesones

2. DUSTY PUPPIES supply store that offers grooming and the owner is a Veterinarian

3. PETCO EXPRESS is smaller than their regular stores but, does have Grooming

4. VETERINARIANS:  Some Vets and (Doctors for humans) make good old-fashioned house calls if there is an emergency or after-hours.

  • Dr. Ricardo Lopez Landeros, Emergency: 415-154-2901
  • Dr. Edgardo Rene Vazquez Olmos, Emergency:  415-154 8452
  • Dr. Michael Kronish, 415-109-9957
  • Pet Vet, Emergency:  415-152-4463

TIP: Save Money withdrawing cash at the ATMs. Written in English underneath the Spanish are instructions asking you to accept or decline 2 charges–not just the regular fee for withdrawal.  You must Accept the banks fee but  REJECT the next 2nd request to accept the CONVERSION.    Decline the Conversion and you still get your money but only pay the ATM fee.

What to Do in San Miguel de Allende with Your Pet

  • Free Walking Tours all over the city catering to interests ranging from art, history, architecture and food and drink.  One really special tour is with “Fat Bastard Art Walks”  profiling street art twice a week. 
  • There’s always brunch/lunch with the group afterwards.  Weyland always has a great turnout of newcomers and residents from all over the world bringing their furry friends.
  • Private Customized Tours with ATV, food and drink tastings and Wine.  The great weather for growing grapes has helped make San Miguel de Allende so popular and most tours allow your companion pet.
  •  Joseph Toones personal tours is a favorite here.  Joseph is a Historical Society’s short story award winner, Amazon bestseller author and few seem to know as much about the secret world of San Miguel de Allende as he does.
  • Newcomers Brunch and Dinner.  Join FB Newcomers, Expats and Friends for the schedule.  We try out a new restaurant every week and meet on Sundays and Wednesdays.
  • Jardin de Allende right outside Perroquia de San Miguel Arcangel (the Garden next to the big pink church) in the center of town is a great place to people watch, have coffee or lunch and relax with your pet anytime day or night.
  • Festivals.  Día de los Muertos on November 2 is just one of the very many festivals throughout the year including live music and dancing and parades. 
  • Art Galleries such as Fabrica la Aurora hold many shows, classes and talks ranging from abstract to folk.  Fabrica la Aurora is the largest and is pet-friendly.  Stop by  next door at Geek and Coffee’s large yard for dogs to run around and coffee and snacks for you.
  • ORGANIC MARKET.  Stroll with your pet the Organic Mercadito in Los Frailes.  Open all day Saturdays at Calle de la Pila 6, Colonia Los Frailes.
  • Park Benito Juarez is a beautiful large, dog-friendly park in walking distance from the town center with live music, art shows and food vendors.
Pet Travel is easy in San Miguel de Allende

9 Quick Fact About San Miguel de Allende:

  • Currency Conversion: As of July 2001, $1usd=19.90pesos
  • Visa:  Many Countries are allowed up to 180 days FREE visa on arrival.  No Quarantine requirement.
  • Best season to Visit San Miguel— High Season is October 15 –  April 1, (Less rain) Low Season is April 1-October 15, (more rain—usually in the afternoon).
  • Weather: Other than rain, SMA remains year-round between 73f-85f.
  • Basic lunch menu with non-alcoholic drink:  $11
  • Coffee/Cappuccino: 2.80
  • Bottled Water:  .60cents usd.  It’s best not to drink the tap water.
  • Pack of Cigarettes: 3.15
  • Many people speak English
  • Very Walkable, so long as you have sturdy shoes.

My favorite Pet Carrier is this one I found about a year ago on Petmate. I love that it has ventilation on all 4 sides and I can expand it for additional space.

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TIP:  GET WHATSAPP—MEXICO uses Whatsapp for free texts and calls.  Restaurants, Vets, Dentist, Grocery Stores, hotels and transport companies all use Whatsapp.  It’s free.

There really is no bad time to visit San Miguel de Allende, the weather is great year-round, even when it rains in the afternoons. IF there was a time to avoid, it would be the WEEKEND. Come during the week to avoid the car traffic and enjoy your walk around town.  We are very pet friendly, walkable, affordable and close to so many cultural sites. Come join us and bring your furry companion pet.

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Flights are Affordable from the US. I have flown with my 2 fur babies from Denver with Pet Friendly AEROMEXICO-Flying with Pets to Mexico and VOLARIS-Flying With Pets to Mexico

I loved living in San Miguel de Allende (SMA) and you will love it too!

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