Best Pet Taxis from France to England with Costs

Pet Taxis from France to England through the Eurotunnel average Cost is $1,800usd including the Pet Taxi, Eurotunnel Fare, Pet Fee, and Luggage between Calais & Folkstone or Paris & London and the drive is approximately 6 to 7 hours.

We contacted Pet Taxi services in Paris and included reviews by Pet Parents from the US to the UK via Chunnel & Alternate Route Facebook groups in 2022.

Pet Taxi Costs France and England UK and Routes from Real Pet Travelers in 2022

These are the 5 that are rated the highest for timeliness, help with Health Certificate and other documents, cleanliness and being Pet Friendly. Here ares the results:

5 Pet Taxis from France to England via Eurotunnel

Pet Taxi from Paris to EnglandExamples
of Actual Costs
Happy Saluki Pet Taxi
Paris to Wickenham-All Inclusive $1,400usd
Folkstone Pet Taxi
1. Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to Folkstone Train Station $1707usd
Pet Caren and Kennel, 1 Pet, and 2 Humans, 1 Suitcase each, Eurotunnel fare.
2. “We were quoted 975 USD for CDG to central London. In the end we had to fly from Brussels to central London and it was 1154 USD including a Eurotunnel ticket for 1 human and 1 large dog and large a crate.”
CDG to London, $1462, All Inclusive and Early Pick Up
Jane’s Euro Pet
Jane’s Euro Pet Taxi is NO LONGER one of our recommended Pet Taxi providers. I leave this entry here to advise that over the last 3 months, many Pet Parent followers have reported poor communication, poor service, and difficulty contacting this company for a refund. We do not advise you to seek a quote.
CDG to London, $2,332 All Inclusive Up to 5 Passengers(Pets & Humans)
CDG to Folkstone Train Station, $1532 All Inclusive
Paris to Oxford $2,791 All Inclusive
EasyPetTaxiRates Starting from $850, Door-to-Door Service France to England or England to France. Online Quotes for your Convenience are available
Chart of 6 Pet Friendly Taxis from Paris to England via Eurotunnel (Chunnel)

For MORE Options to travel to England with Pets through France—such as on Pet Friendly Ferries see Flying Your Pet to England? Problems?Transit in France Instead!

Why fly with my Pet to France Instead of Direct to England?

  1. Due to the UK’s strict and specific regulations, flying direct to London with a pet is a complicated process. For a start, your pet would have to go in Cargo, whatever their size.
  2. In many cases, they would have to wait for several hours after landing before you would be allowed to collect them at the mandatory Animal Reception Center (ARC). So, you’d be apart for much longer than you should be.
  3. Appointments for the mandatory ARC are booked months in advance.
  4. You are required to pay a Pet Receiver/Agent to present the health certificate and deliver your Dog or Cat to you—for an extra charge!
  5. Your pet could easily end up being stuck in a cage for many hours, with no breaks.
  6. When you fly to France rather than direct to London, smaller pets can usually travel with you in the cabin. Larger dogs may need to go in cargo. However, they will still board at the same time as you and exit the airport with you.
  7. As a result, your pet will spend less time apart from you, which is much less stressful for them.As an added bonus,
  8. Pet Taxi service is often more cost-effective than flying direct to England.
  9. The driver will handle the necessary document check at the France and England borders for you.
  10. And you get to see some of the beautiful French countryside from the comfort of a chauffeur driven car.

You can fly your larger dog from the US to Europe. See Flying a Large Dog In Cabin 2022 or Airlines that Fly 25lbs+ Dogs In Cabin

Factors that Determine the Cost of a Pet Taxi from Paris to London:

  • Traffic If you choose a busy time of day and there is a lot of traffic, the fare will cost more. How many breaks you choose to take and for how long can also be a factor, though breaks are common, expected, and factored into most Pet Taxi services’ fares.

  • Distance. From Paris International Airport (Charles de Gaulle) to Folkstone England is between 6 and 7 hours. If you choose another location for pick up and drop off, the service will calculate your fare again.

  • Time Delays that often include when a Pet Parent has issues with the documents needed to transit the Dog or Cat from France to England

  • Size of the Vehicle you need.  Pet Taxi services have sedans, minibus and multi-seat shuttles where you can save money by sharing the ride with other pet parents

  • Peak Times You can stop as often as you and your pets need. Many people choose to stay overnight in Paris or nearby and leave early the day to avoid stress and traffic.

  • The Number of Pets, How Many Pieces of Luggage and Whether you Share a Ride with other Pet Travelers and Booking Less than 7 Days in Advance

Instead of flying to Heathrow in London England, where your companion Pet will be stressed and scared by the mandatory cargo, you can fly to France and take a Pet Taxi or Ferry.

This means that your Dog or Cat can travel with you In a Cabin to France, the Taxi service you select will meet you at the airport and chauffeur you, your pet, and your luggage to England via the Eurotunnel.

For MORE Options to travel to England with Pets through France—such as on Pet Friendly Ferries see Flying Your Pet to England through France? (Options for Dogs In-Cabin 2022)!

How Much is a Pet Taxi from Paris to London?

Pet Taxis from Paris France to London England via the Eurotunnel (Chunnel) allow Dogs, Cats and Ferrets. 

The average Cost is $1,800usd including the Pet Taxi, Eurotunnel Fare, Pet Fee, and Luggage between Calais & Folkstone or Paris & London and the drive is approximately 6 to 7 hours.

How to Get Through TSA Security Check Point with Your Pet

Your pet must go through TSA Security. Some airports allow a private screening in a separate room so you can remove and replace your pet in a secure room.

You can either have your pet on a leash and walk them into the screener or carry your pet through.

Place your Bags, shoes first. Separate your pet food items and electronics in another bin.

Keep your lease/harness on the outside of the carrier. When you put your bags on the conveyor belt, you don’t want to scramble to get your leash.

TSA may ask you to remove their collar. Collars with metal such as clasps or Rabies Tags will be detected, and you may be subject to additional pat-down or inspection.
A Velcro-type harness works well instead of a collar with metal.

Put the carrier on the x-ray conveyor belt first so, it is ready when you get through security, and you don’t have to wait to put your pet back in its carrier.

Even for Cats that you intend to carry through, have a harness/leash on them. If you are picked for screening, often TSA Agents may not easily let you place your pet back in the carrier before your pat-down.

Working Canines are regularly at Security Check Points. Keep a leash handy even if you intend to carry your pet through an x-ray. Often, the presence of a working dog can scare or spook your pet.

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