Do I Need Pet Travel Insurance in 2023?

Chihiro Cat Ready to Travel

A Helpful Guide of All Factors When Buying Pet Health Insurance

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials: A family is on vacation, and their dog starts limping. They take him to the vet and are saddled with a $1,000 bill.

If only they had pet insurance! As a pet parent, you should consider whether pet insurance is right for you – especially when traveling.

While it’s not always necessary, there are some definite benefits to having coverage. Please continue reading to find out more, including the cost, what you’ll be covered for, the places it can be used, and more.

Pet Health Insurance give us a financial safety net when something unexpected happens to our Companion Pets.

It’s easier than you may think. We can find a small amount each month to save us thousands of dollars once an emergency hits.

After much research for accident coverage for my two cats I finally found Eusoh! They actually cover my Pets while we traveling out of our home state and while overseas.

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Are My Pets Covered by the Airlines Travel Insurance?

Airlines consider Pets to be “property” of their “owners”. Liability and compensation for harm to or loss of a Pet is usually relegated to the declared amount or the maximum value of belongings. Current policy limits required by DOT are set at $3,800 for domestic flights in 2022.

Is a Pet Illness Covered by an Airline Cancelation Policy?

A Pet Illness is rarely covered by the minimum DOT required of Airlines to cover with insurance.  An Add-On to your policy of “Cancel for Any Reason” or “Trip Interruption” at an additional fee may cover trip interruption caused by a sudden Pet illness or emergency .that causes you to cancel your flight or trip.

Additional Pet Travel Insurance may cover your Pet during their travel and while away from home on vacation or abroad.

Eusoh Covers My Pets when we travel overseas
Eusoh Covers My Pets when we travel overseas

There are 4  Kinds of Pet Health Insurance Coverage

  1. Comprehensive–Covers Illness, Accidents, Wellness, Emergencies and Dental
  2. Accident, Illness and Death
  3. Wellness
  4. Dental

What Kind of Pet Insurance Do You Need? Answer These Questions

  • Do You Have $1,000 to $5,000 for a Pet’s Emergency Needs? If Yes, You may be not need comprehensive insurance. You may want only major medical such as cancer or other life-threatening diseases.
  • Can You Budget $15 to $50 Per Month?  This can easily cover Pet Illness and Emergency.
  • Can You Budget more than $50. You can insure your Pet’s needs for Comprehensive coverage.

I travel full time and sometimes with my Pets: Chihiro and Sophie. Eusoh is one of the few companies that covers care while I am traveling out of my state and out of the US. I have been to Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico and now in Thailand. My kitties are covered. Their prices are affordable and give real coverage and peace of mind.

Eusoh Pet Insurance Covers Travel Overseas
Eusoh Pet Insurance Covers Travel Overseas

What is the Cost of Pet Health Insurance Based On?

  • Your Choice of Accident or Comprehensive Pet Insurance.
  • What Deductible you Choose.  (The higher the deductible, the less the monthly premium)
  • Pet’s Breed (Some Breeds are more prone to Health problems such as Snub Nose Dogs and Cats)
  • Pet’s Age
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • If you Choose a Co-Pay and How Much
  • Your Zip Code
  • Reimbursement of Costs After You Pay or Direct Pay at time of Service
  • If there is a Maximum Yearly or Lifetime Payout
  • See Our Full List of What Is the Cost of Pet Insurance Based on Below…

Sophie Cat with her Pet Travel Carrier Ready for Travel
My Darling Sophie Ready for Travel

Pet Health Insurance Cost FactorsConsideration for Your Pets
Age Limit or MinimumDoes Coverage Decline and Your Pet Ages?
Pre Existing Condition CoverageIs an Exam Required to Determine Pre-Existing Conditions
Waiting Period1=5-30 Days is Common and up to 1 Year for Hip Dysplasia or Ligament Issues
Rehabilitative TreatmentIncluding Treatment such as Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care
Exam FeesAre X-Rays, Annual Wellness Exams or Exams when Your Pet Swallows Something Foreign
Prescription Supplements or Special DietsYour Pet May Require Regular Medications or Special Diet Food or Supplements as they Age
Final/Burial Expense
Elective SurgeriesRarely Covered DeClawing, Tail Docking, Ear Cropping
Preventative or Wellness CareSpay, Neuter, Teeth Cleaning, Vaccinations
Breeding Costs
Reimbursement or Direct PayWill You Pay First and Make a Claim or Does the Vet Bill Directly to the Insurance?
Pay Out LimitsMost have a maximum payout for services per year or Pet
DeductiblesHow Much You Pay BEFORE the Insurance Pays. Usually per year, The Higher the Deductible, the Lower the Premium
Your Zip Code Affects Your Premium RateClaims History of Your City, State or Neighborhood
Dental CareCleanings, Extractions ect.
DiscountsAsk for Multi-Pet, Spayed or Neutered, Group or Military Discounts
Full/Comprehensive or Accident and Illness Only
Choice of Clinic or HospitalCan You Choose Your Clinic or Hospital or Your Insurance Companies’ Network?
Can you use any Veterinarian or Hospital or Do You need to find one in the Plan’s NetworkCan You Choose to Use Your Own Vet or a Vet in another City or Do You Have to Use a Vet in Your Insurance Companies’ Network?
Trip, Holiday or Travel Abroad Pet Health Insurance Cost Factors

When Traveling with Pets, ensure you have adequate liability coverage for your Dog or Cat from the airline or an outside insurer.

Airlines have limits on liability insurance for baggage, but you should be able to declare a higher value (with a higher fee).

See All My Information for Pet Travel Companion Pet Travel: Flying with Pets

What is the Average Cost of Pet Insurance in 2022?

For 2021, the average Pet Insurance for Dogs or Cats is about $600 per year.. See North American Pet Health Insurance Association

$4 off the $17 monthly subscription price with code LUCKY Type in LUCKY as ambassador code or promo code. Discounted price is for one year.

Eusoh Covers Pets While Traveling
Eusoh Covers Pets While Traveling

Is My Pet Insured by My HomeOwners or Renters Insurance?

Homeowners or Renters Insurance usually cover you if your pet injures someone or another Pet or damages their property and you’re legally responsible, whether the incident occurs inside your home or not. (some Breeds will often be excluded), but not damage to your own property by your own Pet.

Although some homeowners insurance and renters insurance policies may include coverage for Pets under the special limits of “personal property”, the coverage is usually limited to specified events or occurances.

Accidents, illness, and injuries would not usually be a covered event. Many homeowner’s policies have exclusions regarding coverage of Pets. If you are traveling with Dogs, check out Eusoh with their New Prices for Dogs at $75 per month. A great bargain for peace of mind while traveling.

Does Pet Insurance cover the cost of canceled Flight Costs?

Depending on the company and the coverage you select, pet insurance for flights can vary. Dogs, however, pay an average premium of $49.51 per month, while cats pay an average of $28.48 per month. You should research the cancellation policy before signing up if you’re only looking to insure your pet on their flight. Your monthly premium shouldn’t be prorated or subject to fees.

If you and your four-legged companion are frequent travelers, however, you may want to keep your pet insurance for flights in the future. If you cancel and re-enroll for each flight, you will be excluded from your next policy for any preexisting conditions your pet may develop. Insurance coverage won’t apply if a pet’s health worsens as a result of traveling, such as a heart infection brought on by stress from flying.

Having one policy that covers your pet’s needs would be a better option. Eusoh Community Health Plan for Pets covers most pet travel occurrences anwhere in the world.

Pets going overseas need a health certificate ten days before they leave. They need to see a vet. If you want the insurance to cover international travel exam fees and services, you should enroll well in advance; otherwise, the policy won’t kick in until after the waiting period has expired.

How Does Pet Insurance Works When Traveling?

Pet insurance and Community Health Plans are excellent for giving pet owners peace of mind when traveling. If something happens and your pet needs medical attention, you can be reimbursed for the veterinary bills.

Eusoh, is excellent for giving pet owners peace of mind when traveling. If something happens and your pet needs medical attention, you can be reimbursed for the veterinary bills. It’s essential to check with your provider to see what exactly is covered before you travel so that you’re not surprised by any out-of-pocket costs. But in general, as long as your pet’s condition isn’t preexisting, you should be covered. So go ahead and enjoy your trip without worry!

Providers of pet insurance, including Eusoh and the ASPCA, may offer additional pet travel benefits, such as:

  • Coverage for stolen or lost passport/health certificates
  • Kennel fee coverage during quarantine
  • Reward and advertising coverage should your pet get lost or stolen
  • Access to a 24-hour helpline

Some insurance companies offer supplemental pet wellness plans to help you cover the costs of getting a pet passport if you’d like to take your animal abroad.

Vaccinations for dogs and cats, microchipping, and vet exams are included in this category.

It’s essential to check with your provider to see what exactly is covered before you travel so that you’re not surprised by any out-of-pocket costs.

But in general, as long as your pet’s condition isn’t preexisting, you should be covered. So go ahead and enjoy your trip without worry!

Finding Pet Health Coverage for Pet Travel is not so easy. Few companies cover your pet while out of the US. Eusoh is one of the few that provide quality coverage overseas. I’m trust them with my two kitties.

The Upshot

You don’t want to worry about what will happen if something goes wrong while traveling with your dog. That’s why pet travel insurance exists. Pet travel insurance covers travel-related issues and accidents. However, pet travel insurance usually only protects you from airport to airport. If you’re looking for ongoing coverage, you might consider pet health insurance. I chose Eusoh and am very happy with their coverage of my two cats.

Eusoh member's Pet are covered while traveling
Eusoh member’s Pet are covered while traveling

Happy Travels!

Documents Needed for Moving or Flying with Pets Internationally

  • Microchip Certificate
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate
  • Health Certificate. For International Pet Travel, you may need more than 1 Health Certificate–Some transit countries require their own Certificates.
  • Rabies Titer Test results
  • Parasite Treatment certificate—Often Deworming
  • This is just a guide on what is required, please check the requirements for your specific airline and destination country at our page: Pet Passports and Pet Health Certificates.

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