Pet Travel to UK/England Options WITHOUT Cargo!

Pet Travel–Flying with your Pet to England/UK requires you to have your Dog, Cat or Ferret in Cargo and you must hire a pet shipper where an agent delivers your Pet to you in England.

If flying to England (UK) and having your Dog or Cat in cargo is not an option, you have alternatives!

You have another option to travel with your Pet to England/UK! You can book a flight into nearby France or Amsterdam, both allow pets to fly in the cabin. Once you arrive, you have a few good options to travel to England:

  1. Take a Pet Taxi & drive through the Eurotunnel, aka, The Chunnel, into England.
  2. Rent a car or Drive Yourself and your pets through the Eurotunnel into England.
  3. Take a Ferry with or without a car. BEST OPTION–Faster and Less Expensive

If you want to fly your pet in the cabin I have another way–  fly to nearby France or Amsterdam instead!

Pet Friendly Ferry from France to England
Photo Courtesy of DFDS Ferry

Flying your pet into France or Amsterdam PROS:

  • Less red-tape–easier transit and hiring a pet taxi can be done online.
  • You do not need to hire a pet transport company to receive your pet.
  • No threat of Pet Quarantine
  • And, you do not need an EU Pet Passport to transit through France or Amsterdam.  You just need the Pet Health Certificate.

Flying with your Pet into France or Amsterdam CONS:

  • This alternative to flying directly into England/UK will likely take longer–but only by a day or two
  • If you choose to take the Ferry, it is a good idea to stay overnight in Paris or where you will pick up your Ferry because it can be exhausting to get from the airport (CDG), to the train and then to the Ferry.
  • You will need to coordinate a Pet Taxi or buy your Train or Ferry ticket to Calais or Dieppe

1.  Hire a Pet Taxi from France to UK/England

Many affordable Pet Taxis are ready to book and drive you and your pets through the Eurotunnel (Chunnel) and deliver you to your destination in England.

Many affordable Pet Taxis are ready to book and drive you and your Pets from the airport or other location through the Eurotunnel (Chunnel) and deliver you to your destination in England.
Best Pet Taxis from France to England:

Most Pet transport taxis allow up to 5 Pets per vehicle.

They have sedans and vans available

You can have the taxi for just you and your Pets or share with other riders and their Pets.

You can use Wise (TransferWise) to make the payment online

The trip takes approximately 6-7 hours.

Additionally, many Pet Taxi companies specifically are hired to transport Dogs, Cats and Ferrets longer distances between European countries and the UK, not just across the Channel.

These companies can collect You and your Pet (or just your Pet) from an airport or city in Europe, then transport your pet to your door in the UK. One of the Best is Jane’s Euro Pet Taxi

Tip:  It is a long, exhausting day to fly to Paris, find the Train and then the Ferry.  Staying overnight is a good option so you are refreshed and any delays will not interrupt your transfers

2. Drive Your Pet through the Eurotunnel with a Rented or Your Own Car

Your 2nd option if you have a car, and probably the more convenient one, is to drive you and your Pets the Eurotunnel car shuttle train.

Unless you have your own car, renting is going to be the most expensive. Few rental companies allow a one-way rental to another country.

So, unless you intend to return the vehicle to France, it is less expensive to take a Pet Taxi or the Ferry.

3. Pet Travel OPTIONs From France to England with Car

On most ferries, your Dog, Cat or Ferret will stay in your car for the voyage. 

Some ferries offer kennel options.

Some ferries even have Pet-Friendly cabins for you and your Pets.

These ferries include (Brittany Ferry to St Malo, Bilbao and Santander, and DFDS Seaways between Newcastle and Amsterdam). (See the full list further down)

If you opt for your Pet to remain in your car, it’s best to choose one of the quicker ferry options, such as between Dover and Calais, particularly if traveling in the warmer months.

Your dog stays in your car along with you, and the actual crossing only takes 35 minutes. There is an additional charge of $30 per pet, in each direction.

At both Calais (France) and Folkestone (UK) you will need to report to the Pet Reception Center, prior to checking in. Make sure you allow additional time for this step. Here your dog’s paperwork will be checked.

For example, if you fly with your Pet into Paris, Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG), you can buy a train ticket from the airport to the ferry station in Dieppe and then take the pet-friendly Ferry from Dieppe to England with or without a car.

3. Pet Travel Ferry from France to UK/England with NO CAR

You can take the train or Pet Taxi to Dieppe, France and take the DFDS Ferry that lets you take your Pet on a Ferry without a Car.

You would fly into Paris, take the Pet-Friendly train or a Pet Taxi to Dieppe and then the DFDS Seaways Ferry.

Dieppe Ferry is in Newhaven.  The Ferry connects England with France.  Currently, the DFDS Seaways travels about 20 times a week and takes about 4 hours.

This is the only ferry between France and England that allows foot passengers to bring their Dog, Cat or Ferret with a fee of about $25 per Pet.

The voyage takes about 4 hours (longer than the shorter Dover to Dunkirk or Calais routes) and Pets are kept in kennels on the car deck for the entire journey. Pets must be carried on board in a pet carrier.

DFDS Ferry with Bull Dog Traveling on Boat to England
Photo Courtesy of DFDS Ferry

You must call to book–you cannot book online in 2022

Ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam (DFDS Seaways w/ Pet-Friendly Cabins)

This ferry service is unique for having dog-friendly cabins as well as kennels, with both available to foot passengers as well as car passengers.

It’s also a convenient option for dog-owners traveling from northern England or Scotland, although the journey time is longer – nearly 16 hours.

The fee is about $35 per Pet in either a cabin or kennel. Foot passengers traveling with a pet need to book by calling the contact center.

Cost to Take Your Pet on the Ferry:

Example of Actual 2021 Cost: It costs about $100 for 1 person, 1 large Dog and a Cat to take the DFDS ferry from France to Newhaven, England.

Example of Actual 2022 Cost: DFDS Seaways charges of $20-25 each way for each pet traveling onboard, with the exception of Service Dogs, which are carried free of charge. (In the EU, your Service Dog must be registered–not in the US)

DFDS ferries to France are able to provide your pet with a safe and stress-free voyage. All routes from Newhaven to Dieppe, and Dover to Dunkirk and Calais allow you to hire differently sized kennels that can be chosen at the time of booking.

This will ensure that your pet has enough space to safely move around during.

Pets in kennels must be secured inside your vehicle.

Or, you can book a cabin. There are our 4-bed, sea view pet friendly cabins available for $41 per dog.

Each cabin can accommodate up to 2 medium sized dogs. These cabins are bookable by calling 0871 522 9955. Foot passengers–pets without a car– travelling with dogs must book by calling our customer contact centre.

Your pet can stay with you in our pet friendly cabins for the entire journey which can accommodate up to 2 medium sized dogs and sleep up to 4 people. 

Health Certificate, Immunizations and Deworming Treatment:

Your Pet must be:

  • Microchipped.
  • Vaccinated against rabies
  • Deworming treatment for your Dog is Required.

Be prepared for your pet’s paperwork to be carefully checked when returning to the UK. The UK is is very strict about dogs entering the country, so make sure everything is in order.

The timing of the worming treatment is checked down to the hour, plus the rabies vaccine is carefully checked

If you do not have time to have an appointment in the US, you can make an appointment with a local vet in Paris or near the Ferry or Chunnel.  The Vet can apply the treatment and document this on your UK Pet Health Certificate before you leave France.

Deworming treatment for your Pet is Required.

If you do not have time to have an appointment in the US, you can make an appointment with a local vet in Paris or near the Ferry or Chunnel.  The Vet can apply the treatment and document this on your UK Pet Health Certificate before you leave France.

Does the Deworming  treatment have to be on the Health Certificate?

The deworming treatment should be  added to the Health Certificate.  However, this is not always feasible because of time constraints.  

I had the health certificate completed and endorsed by USDA 10 days before travel and then went back to the Veterinarian a few days before travel for deworming treatment which the Vet signed on the Endorsed Health Certificate.

Also, you can book your Pet’s required deworming treatment at a local veterinarian in France just before your departure to England.  The vet will document the treatment on the Health Certificate.

Lastly, The Cruise Ship, QE2 (Queen Elizabeth 2), is Pet-Friendly and sails from New York to England at a rate in 2022 of about $8k for 1 person and 1 pet in kennel. Right now, I do not recommend this cruise for Pets because Cunard and their Queen Elizabeth 2 has been cancelling too many cruises during the pandemic and it is unreliable and not worth tying up your funds. Money is better spent flying into France and taking the Eurotunnel or the Ferry.

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