Should I Buy a Pet Stroller?

Whether looking for a Pet Strollers because of mobility issues, congestion of walkways, socialization or to protect an anxious or reactive Pet from distractions, triggers and hazards, there’s an option for everyone in prices ranging from $45 to $300+.

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Looking for the best Dog Stroller for your needs and budget?  Asking yourself is it worth buying a Pet Stroller? 

You’re not alone.  We polled and found Pet Parents have many reasons to buy a Dog Stroller.  Here’s some of the recent reviews:

“I have a friend who uses a stroller for her dog at shows and events. Each time I see it, I want one!” 2022

“A walk, bus/train ride, an hour class, and then return trip is likely to be a lot for a very young pup. Your pup will probably nap a bit on the way home in the stroller if comfy in there.” 2022

Corgi enjoying Pet Expo 2022 in their Dog Stroller
Corgi enjoying Pet Expo 2022 in their Dog Stroller

Pet strollers are growing in popularity and more and more conscientious pet parents are including a stroller as a way to make caring for their fur baby even easier for their whole family.

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Is getting a Pet Stroller for Travel worth the Money?

Yes, it may be a new sight in your community–but, new trends always are! Dog Strollers are great for Pets with mobility issues, reactive Pets, congested or hazardous walkways, socialization and protection from the elements with prices in a wide range from $45 to $300+.

Two Beagles Meet for the First Time in their Own Pet Strollers
Two Beagles Meet for the First Time in their Own Pet Strollers: 1 is a rental and 1 is owned

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of a Dog or Cat Stroller.

Dogs in Strollers give you a lot of versatility for the issues we deal with nearly every day caring for our companions. 

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21 Great Reasons to Get a Pet Stroller

1.If you have mobility issues–getting around and enjoying time with your best furry friend is a lot easier.

2. If your Pup needs safe space and a safe distance from others.

3. If your Dog has mobility issues, including joint pain or arthritis

4. Smaller dogs that might go underfoot and risk injury from larger Dogs or other humans.

“She has back issues so her stroller makes things much easier for her. Hers is enclosed so serves as a crate and she can also load up her gear so no carrying heavy bags.” 2022

5. Recuperating Dogs really benefit and often need Dog Strollers

6. Pups that hates getting paws wet in the snow or after a recent rain

7. If the sidewalk is crowded, uneven, hot or dirty

8. Pet Strollers help with socialization of new puppies to new environments

“The worst sight is someone dragging their dog behind them … a stroller … is so much better for that dog.”

9. Strollers for Dogs are great for Reactive and anxious Pets find comfort

10. Are there too many other larger dogs in the area provide a comforting respite.

11. If you have a Pet who used to love long walks, but just can’t get very far anymore, a Dog Stroller will help

12. Pet Strollers make Furry Scurry, Fun Runs and other Pet Friendly charities easy

14. Access to otherwise Restricted Access Areas are usually open to Pets in Strollers

15. Traveling on a Ferry or Boat

16. Visiting Friends and Families Homes

“Just find a balance. You don’t want to keep your puppy in a stroller every second of each outing. But for travel on a bus or train and naps on very long/taxing outings I say go for it!” 2021

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Two Small Dogs Share the Same Pet Stroller
Two Small Dogs Share the Same Pet Stroller

“Dogs in strollers allow for exercise for owners and environmental enrichment for pets that can’t quite make the distance,” explains Tiffany Margolin, DVM, CVA.

17. Senior, or “settled” Dogs don’t have to get left out when the rest of the family are off for a day of fun.

18. Carrying a Pet Carrier is fine for short distances—to and from car.  But it is awkward or often too heavy to carry for a distance.

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19. And, if you have any kind of physical limitations that prevent you from lifting heavy objects, then a  Pet stroller is the way to go.  

Small Dog in a Very Small Dog Stroller
Small Dog in a Very Small Dog Stroller

20. If your dog is not able to walk for as long as he or she used to, a stroller is a good option.

21. It is the perfect compromise for those times when you would like to take your Dog for a day out, but you know he (or she) won’t have the stamina!

Let your Dog walk as much as he wants or is able to, then hop in when he needs a break.

Cute White Puppy Enjoys a Dog Stroller at the Pet Expo 2022
Cute White Puppy Enjoys a Dog Stroller at the Pet Expo 2022

Whether you’re going to a festival, farmer’s market, off-leash park or any other type of outdoor event, a Dog Stroller is convenient and the best safety tool. 

Even if your Dog copes well in large, noisy crowds there is a real risk of injury no matter their size. They could easily get underfoot, stepped on or react if provoked or frightened.

And, now I have no more excuses not to get my exercise!

Walk at the pace you want until your Dog is too tired, then treat him or her to a ride without having to end your workout early.

One slow Dog/one fast Dog or one big Dog and one mall Dog are easily accommodated with a Dog Stroller.

Even an Average Size Pet Stroller Can Make 3 Smaller Dogs Happy Together
Even an Average Size Pet Stroller Can Make 3 Smaller Dogs Happy Together

I don’t know if you’ve tried it, but even carrying a small dog while looking at clothes or trying on shoes without letting their feet touch the ground is no easy task.

For people who live in congested areas

If you live in the heart of  busy city, it can be challenging to walk your Dog, particularly if you have a small one.

With so much pedestrian traffic he can get hurt, especially if people don’t see him. Not a difficult scenario to imagine given how wrapped up people get in their activities.

Traveling with Pets is easier with a Dog Stroller too!

Some Dogs, like Jack, don’t like the feel of the gangway or dock surface, and so, you either carry them or use a stroller to easily transport them on and off the ferry or moving platform such as escalators and gangways.

Keeping your Pet safely confined in the stroller during the trip is a safe thing to do as well. If it’s a new experience our Pets may feel anxious or overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and goings on.

Keeping them in the stroller will make it a more pleasant voyage for everyone, and give him a feeling of security.

Let’s talk paw protection and Cats too!

A Beautiful Cat Trying out a New Pet Stroller
A Beautiful Cat Trying out a New Pet Stroller at Pet Expo 2022

That pavement can get pretty hot, and your Dog may not be able to let you know if they are in pain. 

Burning hot concrete around the pool – we’ve all experienced that pain!

Shade from the sun and rain, too!

For those of us who have spent any time living in tropical or semi tropical climates, we know the rules about taking our dogs out early morning and later in the evening when it’s cooler.

We don’t take the possibility of heatstroke lightly. Too much time spent exposed to the elements can be dangerous.

Taking your Dog out in a Pet Stroller to a shady location will allow him to get much needed exercise but will also get him out of the sun if it gets to be too much.

What do I look for in a Pet Stroller?

Ease of Storage and Collapsibility,Viewing window & weight allowance for pets and stroller weight.

Fewer zippers for easy access. One with mesh that zips the pet in a safe space, keeps them from bolting out and safe from bees and mosquitos

The Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller is a good example. It’s lightweight, collapsible and has 360 degree viewing mesh. The “No Zip” feature makes getting in and out easier with a push button dual entry system.

Heavy Rubber Tire (not plastic) is best for stability and rougher terrain—even concrete can be rough. Quality wheel brakes are a good upgrade.

Pet Strollers with adjustable handles and an ergonomic grip help prevent fatigue. Ergonomic: comfortable, padded handles with larger diameter handle-larger is easier on your grip. The Pet Gear 3-in-1 Travel System is another good choice for an all-in-one stylish option.

3 in 1 option: Pet Stroller, Carrier and Booster seat for Cars
3 in 1 option: Pet Stroller, Carrier and Booster seat for Cars

Adjustability for Your Height

“The stroller was a standard 38″ tall but that’s too short for me. I can’t seem to find taller ones.

Even the adjustable ones only go up to 38″ and adjust down from there. Seriously… do they think only short people buy these things?” 

This premium stroller, the HPZ Pet Rover Run Performance Stroller really combines so many features many do not: adjustable and ergonomic handles, larger rubber tires, zipper-Less Entry and 1-Hand Quick Fold Down and Aluminum Frame.

In 2021 and 2022, asked members:

why they chose a Dog Stroller. Here’s more responses:

“I will need to take the bus or train to get to a lot of places…There’s a lot of dogs in my neighbourhood so I don’t want to let my puppy walk on the ground on our way to the train/bus station in case he catches some disease such as parvo… “

“…I’m also concerned that carrying him in a crate/ carrier /in my arms might become too heavy for me as he is not a small puppy”

“If you are traveling, i definitely suggest a doggie stroller! I have one, and it is very handy!! My mom was a little confused at first to why I had gotten it. But they’re very cute and easy to travel with! (And your arm will certainly not get tired with a doggie stroller!)”

So, how often should you walk your Dog? When Does a Pet Stroller become necessary?

How far can your Dog walk? How far should they walk? Are we giving our beloved Pets enough time outdoors?

If they can’t walk as far as you like to walk and they just need to get out in the fresh air, a Pet Stroller makes a great gift for you and your Pet.

Snow? Wet ground from a recent rain and they hate getting their paws wet? No problem, they can still get out for a change of scenery and see what’s going on.

Over at Rideable, they have a good guide for how much you should be walking your Dog. A Pet Stroller helps bridge the gap.

How Far Can dogs walk by age?

What is this? A rule of thumb is a puppy can walk five minutes for every month of age starting at eight weeks.

So a two-month-old puppy can walk about 10 minutes. And a three-month-old can walk for 15 minutes; and a four-month-old for 20 minutes.

How much should dogs walk a day?

In general, most dogs benefit from between 30 minutes to two hours of physical activity per day (source).

That averages out to 3.5 to 14 hours of walking per week. Many people break that time up into two or three walks per day.

But the specific quantity and duration of walks may vary from dog to dog, and day to day.


A Dog Stroller is a great addition to your Pet’s accessories for many reasons: mobility issues, congestion of walkways, socialization or to protect an anxious or reactive Pet from distractions, triggers and hazards.

And, since there’s an option for everyone in prices ranging from $45 to $300+, there’s a good choice for every Pet.