Can I Buy a Plane Ticket for My Dog?

Pet Friendly Shared Private Charters are more affordable and more available than ever to fly your Large Dog In-Cabin. This group of Pet Parent and Pet Travelers join together and fly their large Dogs In-Cabin.

Does a Dog Carrier Count as Carry On?

Most airlines, allow a passenger 1 Carry On Bag & 1 Personal Item. Some allow a Carrier in addition to a Carry On either Free or an Additional Cost.

Should I Book my Pet’s Travel with the Airline or Booking Site?

Booking directly with the airline is usually more convenient but, more expensive whereas booking through a 3rd party (Expedia, Skyscanner etc.) has cheaper fares but fewer options for routes and much harder to make changes when last-minute trip interruptions happen such as weather delays and overbooked flights.

Can I Fly with 2 Pets In-Cabin?

Airlines that allow Two Pets Per Person In-Cabin are:   JSX, JetBlue, Chartered Air Travel, Alaska and Spirit. For Pet Travel with these airlines, you buy the seat next to yours and your Pet can either sit in the floor space, travel in the same carrier under the seat or on your lap.

How To Crate Train Your Pet for Air Travel

Preparing your pet for crate travel requires you to start at least one month in advance by…

Are Pet Shipping Companies Worth the Cost?

Pet relocation services can organize the regulatory and necessary documents (Health Certificates, Immunizations, Rabies Tests, and Import/Export Permits), and any quarantine facilities. They locate the best airlines and routes for your destination. and act as your agent at the airport Cargo services.  Average cost for an international move is $2500-$5000usd.