How to Prepare a Pet Crate for Air Travel

These 11 items are essential for a properly equipped Pet Crate for travel in Cargo or Checked Baggage

Flying Your Pet to England? Problems?Transit in France Instead!

You can book a flight into a nearby France that allows pets to fly in the cabin. Once you arrive, you have a few good options to travel to England:

Extreme Temperature Restrictions for Pets on Airlines

Yes, airlines often prohibit or cancel existing bookings for pets flying in cargo or checked baggage hold when temperatures at the airport are, or expected to be, above 29C/85F or below 7C/45F. 

Are Pet Shipping Companies Worth the Cost?

Pet relocation services can organize the regulatory and necessary documents (Health Certificates, Immunizations, Rabies Tests, and Import/Export Permits), and any quarantine facilities. They locate the best airlines and routes for your destination. and act as your agent at the airport Cargo services.  Average cost for an international move is $2500-$5000usd.

Layovers with Pets at the Airport

Can I Visit my Pet during a Layover? What is the difference between Transiting/Connecting or Transfer during your layover. How pets are handled during airport layovers.