Best Pet Taxis from France to England with Costs

Pet Taxis from France to England through the Eurotunnel average Cost is $1,800usd including the Pet Taxi, Eurotunnel Fare, Pet Fee and Luggage between Calais & Folkstone or Paris & London and the drive is approximately 6 to 7 hours.

Can I Buy a Seat on a Plane for My Large Dog?

Yes, you can buy the seat next to yours on a plane for your Dog or Cat on United Airlines, JSX Airline Alaska Air, JetBlue, Elite Airways and Frenchbee.

FAQ: Animal Health Certificate and Airline Pet Travel

A pet health certificate is an official document issued and often endorsed by USDA/APHIS, through your Veterinarian certifying that your Pet is fit to travel. including vaccination, Rabies & Titer tests, Microchip, age, breed and health conditions required to travel with pets.

Flying with a Service Dog

As of January 2021,to fly with Service Animals, Airlines may require that Service Animals must be Dogs, you must present a DOT Attestation form up to 48 hours in advance, fit in the seat footprint, remain on a leash and travelers are limited to 2 service Dogs, you may check-in online.

Are Pet Backpacks Allowed on Airlines?

Yes, if your pet backpack meets the airline’s pet policy for size (standard size allows up to 11″ for pet carrier height).  Soft-sided is best for compressibility.  Most Pet Backpacks will fit under the seat in front of your for flying with Dogs on Planes.

Cool Pet Travel Gear for the Stylish Dog

I have tested a lot of travel gear from Pet carriers to pet bowls. These are most stylish and versatile.

Airlines that allow Dogs 40lbs+ In-Cabin

Airlines that Allow 40lbs Dogs Aboard a Plane In Cabin are JSX Airlines, WestJet Air, Eastern Air, iFly Air, Spirit and Chartered Air Travel with Pets In-Cabin

6 Tips for Flying with Pets as Baggage or Cargo: Prevent Accidents and Stress Before they Happen

When you fly your Dog or Cat as Baggage or Cargo, you can take some steps to help prevent accidents and stress: 1. Try to book a nonstop flight on an airline and route with a good on-time record. 2.Try to avoid traveling with Pets at times when it will be too hot or cold.Continue reading “6 Tips for Flying with Pets as Baggage or Cargo: Prevent Accidents and Stress Before they Happen”

Pet Travel: How to Book Your Pet to Fly In Cabin

Traveling with your Pet In Cabin, Airlines allow only between 2 and 6 pets on each aircraft so you must snag one of those spaces for your Pet first!  Find all available flights to your destination first, call the airline before booking to see if they have space for your pet, then book the flight.

How to Get a Pet Passport from the US to SPAIN

To get a Pet Passport to Spain, your pet must have a microchip, Rabies vaccination at least 21 days before arrival, a Health Certificate by an accredited Veterinarian and Endorsement from APHIS within 10 days of entry in Spain.  This allows your pet to travel up to 4 months from the issue date as long as the rabies vaccine does not expire during your travel.

Should I Sedate My Dog to Fly?

You have many options to calm your pet before and during travel.  Most compel you to begin well before the trip.  This guide shows you all your options: