Airlines that Allow Snub-Nose Dogs and Cats In Cabin in 2023

Airlines that allow snub nose breed Dogs and Cats In Cabin, Checked Baggage or Cargo include United, Southwest, Lufthansa, KLM, Alaska Air, Copa, Korean Air.

2023 Flying with Pet Updates

For some, traveling with a companion animal is essential. We focus on changes in rules and regulations and here’s the latest news and changes:

Airlines that Allow Snub-Nose Dogs and Cats In Cabin in 2023

Airlines that allow snub nose breed Dogs and Cats In Cabin, Checked Baggage or Cargo include United, Southwest, Lufthansa, KLM, Alaska Air, Copa, Korean Air.

The 11 Cheapest Airline Pet Fees: 2023

Airlines that allow flying with Pets with an affordable Pet Fee include: Frenchbee Airlines, Frontier, Aegean Airlines, Lufthansa, Virgin America, Southwest Airlines, Vueling, WestJet and Breeze. All Airline Pet Fees are $100 or less.

Best Pet Taxis from France to England with Costs

Pet Taxis from France to England through the Eurotunnel average Cost is $1,800usd including the Pet Taxi, Eurotunnel Fare, Pet Fee and Luggage between Calais & Folkstone or Paris & London and the drive is approximately 6 to 7 hours.

Can I Buy a Seat on a Plane for My Large Dog?

Yes, you can buy the seat next to yours on a plane for your Dog or Cat on United Airlines, JSX Airline Alaska Air, JetBlue, Elite Airways and Frenchbee.

Can a Dog Crate be Too Big?

Yes, a Dog’s crate for airline travel is too big when too much additional space causes your Dog to go from leaning against the crate wall to being thrown against the crate wall during air turbulence or airport transportation vehicles that jostle the crate.

FAQ: Animal Health Certificate and Airline Pet Travel

A pet health certificate is an official document issued and often endorsed by USDA/APHIS, through your Veterinarian certifying that your Pet is fit to travel. including vaccination, Rabies & Titer tests, Microchip, age, breed and health conditions required to travel with pets.

Shared Private Charter Flights for Pets

Pet Friendly Shared Private Charters are more affordable and available than ever. Here’s How

Plan your Travel with Pets by Train instead of Airlines

Want a getaway with your Furry friend?  A scenic train ride with your Dog or Cat is a great way to have a Pet Friendly vacation and getaway by Train with Your Pet.

Can I Bring Pet Food On An Airplane

Follow the TSA 3-1-1 Rule. There are stricter limits on “wet” than “dry” food. “Moist” food=dry food. Try Moist Pouches and dehydrated food. No exception for prescription food or food for Service Dogs. Separate pet food from your bags at the check point.

How to Prepare a Pet Crate for Air Travel

These 11 items are essential for a properly equipped Pet Crate for travel in Cargo or Checked Baggage

Can I Fly with a Pit Bull In Cabin 2023?

Airlines such as JSX Airline, Chartered Air Travel with Pets, United Airlines, Alaska Air, JetBlue Airlines, WestJet Air, Elite Airways, JXS Airlines and Frenchbee Airlines. that allow you to purchase an adjacent seat makes them a much more a PitBull friendly airline.

Pet Friendly Ferry Boat Routes to England, Wales and Scotland

Pet Friendly Ferry Boat Routes allows you and your Pets to travel to the UK, England, Wales and Scotland by Sea from the Netherlands, Spain and Ireland

Pet Friendly Ferry France to England UK

Avoid the hassle of airports with your Pets, avoid the mandatory cargo requirement for Pets traveling to England by flying with your Pet In Cabin to France and take a Pet-Friendly Ferry to England.

Should I Buy a Pet Stroller?

Whether looking for a Pet Strollers because of mobility issues, congestion of walkways, socialization or to protect an anxious or reactive Pet from distractions, triggers and hazards, there’s an option for everyone in prices ranging from $45 to $300+.

21 Top Pet Travel Tips for 2023

21 Pet Travel Tips from onward travel proof, Pet Insurance, saving ATM fees, forwarding luggage and more.

Will My Pet Have Food & Water on A Plane Flight?

By using a simple method and patience, Pet travel is easier when you train your Dog to drink from a bottle feeder. It limits messy, wet crates and keeps them hydrated any you can add extra nutrients if they do not eat kibble on flights.

Are Pet Backpacks Allowed on Airlines?

Yes, if your pet backpack meets the airline’s pet policy for size (standard size allows up to 11″ for pet carrier height).  Soft-sided is best for compressibility.  Most Pet Backpacks will fit under the seat in front of your for flying with Dogs on Planes.

Do I Need Pet Travel Insurance in 2023?

Pet Travel Insurance: After much research I found Eusoh actually covers my Pets while traveling overseas.

Cool Pet Travel Gear for the Stylish Dog

I have tested a lot of travel gear from Pet carriers to pet bowls. These are most stylish and versatile.

Flying Your Pet to England? Problems?Transit in France Instead!

You can book a flight into a nearby France that allows pets to fly in the cabin. Once you arrive, you have a few good options to travel to England:

Best Pet Carriers & Airlines for Pugs and Snub Nose Dogs

Pugs Require a Travel Carrier 1 to 2” larger than other breeds.  Breathing, dry-eye, mobility and the tendency to over-heat quickly require special attention to the carrier and the Airline you choose.

What Size Pet Carrier Fits Under an Airline Seat?

Pet Carriers and Dogs In-Cabin on Airlines averages 22”Lx14”Wx 9” and 8kg or 17lbs for your Pet. Soft-Sided Carriers are best for Airlines. The top compresses 1 or 2 inches, The carrier must be stowed under the seat for take-off and landing.

Airlines that allow Dogs 40lbs+ In-Cabin

Airlines that Allow 40lbs Dogs Aboard a Plane In Cabin are JSX Airlines, WestJet Air, Eastern Air, iFly Air, Spirit and Chartered Air Travel with Pets In-Cabin

Airlines that Fly 25lbs+ Dogs In Cabin

Airlines that allow Dogs 25lbs+ In-Cabin Aboard a Plane

Does a Dog Carrier Count as Carry On?

Most airlines, allow a passenger 1 Carry On Bag & 1 Personal Item. Some allow a Carrier in addition to a Carry On either Free or an Additional Cost.

How to Pick Up and Drop Off Your Dog at the Airport

How to Pick Up and Drop off Your Pet at Baggage Claim, Cargo, How Long to wait and assistance with Pets in airports including VIP Service

Flying a Large Dog In Cabin 2023

10 Airlines that allow Large Dogs In Cabin in 2022: JSX Airlines, La Compagnie Airlines, Chartered Air Travel with Pets, and WestJet Airlines.

Airlines that Fly Rabbits in Cabin-Complete List 2023

Rabbits are very popular; however, flying with that special little member of our family is harder than traveling with other Pets.  Here are all the airlines that fly Rabbits: Alaska Air, Chartered Air Travel with Pets, Frontier, WestJet, Finnair, Air Europa. Airlines that Fly Rabbits In Cabin AIRLINEs FlyingRabbits In Cabin Rabbits IN Cabin &PetContinue reading “Airlines that Fly Rabbits in Cabin-Complete List 2023”

Where Do Dogs Pee on an Airplane?

Your Dog’s carrier lined with quality pee pads, keeping extras in a carry-on for layovers, taxis and hotels, asking the flight attendants if you can use the airplane lavatory

CBD for Dogs and Cats when Flying

CBD is used in many Pet calming products: oils and edibles. CBD oil for Dogs doesn’t contain THC (the psychoactive in cannabis); it does not create a ‘high’, associated with that used by humans.

Should I Book my Pet’s Travel with the Airline or Booking Site?

Booking directly with the airline is usually more convenient but, more expensive whereas booking through a 3rd party (Expedia, Skyscanner etc.) has cheaper fares but fewer options for routes and much harder to make changes when last-minute trip interruptions happen such as weather delays and overbooked flights.

Dog Muzzles for Traveling: Why, How and Buyer’s Guide

Traveling with a Dog May Require a Muzzle to stay safe on Trains, Buses, Taxis, Airports, Flying on Planes, Attractions, Vet visits, Dog Parks, Restaurants or where local law requires.  If your Dog is anxious, prone to biting, easily triggered by new surroundings a Dog muzzle may be needed for travel

6 Tips for Flying with Pets as Baggage or Cargo: Prevent Accidents and Stress Before they Happen

When you fly your Dog or Cat as Baggage or Cargo, you can take some steps to help prevent accidents and stress: 1. Try to book a nonstop flight on an airline and route with a good on-time record. 2.Try to avoid traveling with Pets at times when it will be too hot or cold.Continue reading “6 Tips for Flying with Pets as Baggage or Cargo: Prevent Accidents and Stress Before they Happen”

Dogs in Airports: Where to Go When Dogs Have to “Go”

Dogs and Cats must stay in their carriers in airports. Airports are increasingly becoming Pet Friendly Dogs can get relief at with Pet pee stations, day care and grass exercise areas, baths, swimming pools, kennels and grooming sites. Here are 15 Airports with great places for your Dog or Cat to Go:

Cost of Pet Health Certificates for Travel—Prices from Actual Travelers  

The average cost of a Pet Travel Health Certificate is between $30 and $400 depending on location and number of certificates. New York City average cost is $350usd and Austin Texas is $75. There is a $38 fee to the USDA/APHIS to endorse your Veterinarian’s Certificate.

Can I Fly with 2 Pets In-Cabin?

Airlines that allow Two Pets Per Person In-Cabin are:   JSX, JetBlue, Chartered Air Travel, Alaska and Spirit. For Pet Travel with these airlines, you buy the seat next to yours and your Pet can either sit in the floor space, travel in the same carrier under the seat or on your lap.

What is the Pet Travel Scheme in 2023?

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) allows Dogs, Cats and Ferrets to travel among EU Member countries without quarantine under a simplified system. A “Pet Passport” is all the necessary documents for your Pet to travel.

Pet Travel: How to Book Your Pet to Fly In Cabin

Traveling with your Pet In Cabin, Airlines allow only between 2 and 6 pets on each aircraft so you must snag one of those spaces for your Pet first!  Find all available flights to your destination first, call the airline before booking to see if they have space for your pet, then book the flight.

7 Affordable PET FRIENDLY Hotel Chains for 2023

There are many Pet Friendly hotels but, many are just too expensive.  Here are 7 affordable pet friendly hotels that are cheaper than luxury resorts.  These pet friendly hotels are all over the U.S.– beach, mountains, busy cities or something off the beaten path, these hotels let you focus on where you want to go knowing your pet is always welcome.  

Pet Travel: Canceled Flight? Delayed Flight? What To Do

When airlines cancel your flight with no viable alternative, you are entitled to a refund.  If the airline makes a “Significant Change” you can negotiate for a more convenient departure time, a route with a shorter layover, or fewer connecting flights. Whether the change is a Cancelation, a Voluntary or Involuntary change determines your compensation.

How To Crate Train Your Pet for Air Travel

Preparing your pet for crate travel requires you to start at least one month in advance by…

Microchips for Pet Travel

For travel with pets, most countries require a pet microchip. This is where a Veterinarian records your Pet’s vaccination and identification information including regular vaccinations, Rabies, Titer test results, name and description. Although the US has no law requiring microchips for identification, it is mandatory for most travel.

Transgender Travel with Pets Gets Easier

US State Department makes Travel Easier for Pet Parents Passports, that little blue book we US travelers hold so dear.  It holds all those coveted stamps from the countries we have traveled so far with the hope and goal to add so many more!  We use it as our primary, sometimes only Identification of whoContinue reading “Transgender Travel with Pets Gets Easier”