7 Affordable PET FRIENDLY Hotel Chains for 2022

There are many Pet Friendly hotels but, many are just too expensive.  Here are 7 affordable pet friendly hotels that are cheaper than luxury resorts.  These pet friendly hotels are all over the U.S.– beach, mountains, busy cities or something off the beaten path, these hotels let you focus on where you want to go knowing your pet is always welcome.  

Canceled Flight? Delayed Flight? What To Do

When airlines cancel your flight with no viable alternative, you are entitled to a refund.  If the airline makes a “Significant Change” you can negotiate for a more convenient departure time, a route with a shorter layover, or fewer connecting flights. Whether the change is a Cancelation, a Voluntary or Involuntary change determines your compensation.

Microchips for Pets-Everything You Need to Know for Travel

For travel with pets, most countries require a pet microchip. This is where a Veterinarian records your Pet’s vaccination and identification information including regular vaccinations, Rabies, Titer test results, name and description. Although the US has no law requiring microchips for identification, it is mandatory for most travel.

Transgender Travel with Pets Gets Easier

US State Department makes Travel Easier for Pet Parents Passports, that little blue book we US travelers hold so dear.  It holds all those coveted stamps from the countries we have traveled so far with the hope and goal to add so many more!  We use it as our primary, sometimes only Identification of whoContinue reading “Transgender Travel with Pets Gets Easier”