2023 Flying with Pet Updates

For some, traveling with a companion animal is essential. We focus on changes in rules and regulations and here’s the latest news and changes:

Airlines that Fly Rabbits in Cabin-Complete List 2023

Rabbits are very popular; however, flying with that special little member of our family is harder than traveling with other Pets.  Here are all the airlines that fly Rabbits: Alaska Air, Chartered Air Travel with Pets, Frontier, WestJet, Finnair, Air Europa. Airlines that Fly Rabbits In Cabin AIRLINEs FlyingRabbits In Cabin Rabbits IN Cabin &PetContinue reading “Airlines that Fly Rabbits in Cabin-Complete List 2023”

CBD for Dogs and Cats when Flying

CBD is used in many Pet calming products: oils and edibles. CBD oil for Dogs doesn’t contain THC (the psychoactive in cannabis); it does not create a ‘high’, associated with that used by humans.

Pets in Airports: Everything You Need to Know

Your pet must go through TSA Security. Some airports allow a private screening in a separate room so you can remove and replace your pet in a secure room. You pet goes with you through the screening. You can either have your pet on a leash and walk them into the screener or carry your pet through.