Your Pup Deserves a New Outfit for Christmas

Dress your Fur baby to Impress this holiday season with a new outfit for each event– from Practical to Stylish–only quality material here–trendy, cute, and well-made!

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For those winter holiday walks…

Red Fitwarm Cable Knit Sweater for long Holiday Walks
Red Fitwarm Cable Knit Sweater for long Holiday Walks

Fitwarm Cable Sweater for Dogs
Fitwarm Cable Sweater for Dogs

Fitwarm makes quality–not fast fashion! Your Dog is Instagram ready and still can roll around the snow and brush–this sweater will still look good and keep your fur baby warm to boot! I love the vibrant Red color; it’s great for the Christmas card! Check the price on Amazon

promising review: “It doesn’t get stretched out at the neck and shoulders like most dog sweaters, which is perfect for my Dachshund mix, who is long with a deep chest” bestviewreviews 2022

For that holiday party she deserves a new dress…

Small Yorkie in a Christmas polka dot dress

Cute Pups deserve to be spoiled too…and with with a new Fitwarm Dress, she will be the center of attention. Check price on Amazon

promising review…bestviewsreviews gives Fitwarm 9.41 out of 10 for: material quality and comfort.

For Christmas morning present openings…

Peace Dove Girl Pet Clothes--Fitwarm
Peace Dove Girl Pet Clothes–Fitwarm

With so many choices, a well-made pajama set can make us forget that comfort and quality materials come first–Fitwarm make nothing but quality that lasts all season!

promising review…”I have washed this several times and it hasn’t appeared to have any ill effect” bestviewreviews 2022

Check price on Amazon

For Fur Babies’ official holiday photo…

Holiday Hoodie for your Dog with Christmas colors makes a family holiday photo shoot special. Check price on Amazon

Promising review…”well-made, cleanly stitched, fabric is nice! 2022

For that New Year’s party…

Promising review…
100% “Amazing Quality!
…The cloth was velvety and very soft to touch. The stitching seemed solid and it just looked and felt like a great quality dress. Not to mention, this specific blue is gorgeous and matched our outfits really well. I love it and so did my dog!! Let’s just say she got even more attention than I did…” Syd, 8/4/21 from website

For trending with the changing colors

Soft, breathable, thermal, thick and stretchy–perfect compliment for pre-holiday colors of Fall.

Check price on Amazon

Time to Get your pup Ready for Holiday Travel with New Clothes for those Cold Winter walks and parties with family or friends.

May you never be too old to search the skies on Christmas eve nor too old to plan your next adventure…